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Welcome to the Route 99 Teacher Resource Center! The Informational Maps Section was completely built by students as part of the educational aspect of Route 99. Most of these students had never built a web page nor taken part in an Internet-intensive research project. Here we have samples of materials that educators wishing to do a web-based research and development project with their students can use for ideas and guidelines.

Students first established an informational contact in their county. Included in this Center is a sample of the letters sent out to these contacts. Then, the students were required to use these contacts and information on the Internet to answer 50 questions about their county. These questions covered a variety of elements of the societal and governmental aspects of a county.

After completing the research phase of their project, students began the development phase, the building of the web pages now featured on this site. Students used Netscape Composer, following these instructions to get started building their page.

Teachers wishing to find out more about the educational value of web-based learning can also take a look at a short research paper by Matt Marengo, who worked closely with Mr. Graham on all aspects of the Internet part of this journey. The paper is entitled The Impact of the Route 99 Website on Education at Downers Grove North High School and also includes links to other resources in its Works Consulted section.

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