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Sample Letter to Information Contact

Dear Mr./Ms.                                  ,

    I am a U.S. History student at Downers Grove North High School, located in Downers Grove, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago.
    My teacher, Mr. Graham, is riding his bicycle across America from San Francisco to Boston this summer (1999) and his route will pass through                                    County on route(s)                                    (list the highway route numbers here).
    Each of his U.S. History students has been assigned to get information about one of the 110 counties he will be riding through. With this information, we are building a website that will link every county in the 16 states of his route. The website address is http://www.route99.org. Log on and take a look.
    I have already been investigating your county on the internet and have found (a lot, some, a little) information, but there are some things I would like to know that the internet can't help me with. I'm finding it very interesting to learn about a part of the country other than my own.
    We hoped that maybe you might have a student or students who would want to 1. learn about and share their own local history, 2. become a part of an awesome website (their name and picture, if they want it, and their school's name and link would go right on the website) and 3. earn some extra credit in your class (???).
    If your students can't help, could you recommend someone else in town (perhaps at a museum director or librarian) who could? (I need this for my grade:-)
    If you could do this I would greatly appreciate it. We have a list of about 50 questions that fall under the following headings: county information, county history, geography, geology, politics, sociology, arts and miscellaneous. I will send them as soon as I hear back from you.
    If you are like most teachers, you are always busy. My web page due date is April 15. I would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible.
    Thank you very much for reading my letter. Can you help?



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