Day 2 March 30, 1999

Can you spell "uphill"? I'm definitely learning the geography of the Carolina piedmont, in a way I'm not sure I'll ever forget.
Hendersonville is pretty low in the foothills. Yesterday I went from there to a little bit lower (Marion).
Today I climbed to the top of the Appalachians. It was slow going. How slow? Let's just say when I looked down once while pedaling, I saw ants moving faster. I couldn╠t even catch up to them to run them over, and swearing had no effect on them whatsoever. Even more discouraging, I was going in a straight line, and ants, well...
Anyway, I'm in the lovely Pineola Inn, which I swear is the Super8 I stayed in last night. I think they moved it here during the day today (they would have passed me when I was looking at the ants).
Pineola is at the crest of the Appalachians (lots of pines, get it?) They say there used to be a little town called Pit right next door, but nobody could tell Pit from Pineola, so they just merged the two towns.
It was a beautiful Carolona spring day today. I got some good sunburn (not the bad kind).
I was supposed to make it to Little Switzerland tonight, but I wasted about 10 miles going the wrong direction out of Marion (my fault), and I had to stop here due to darkness, about 15 miles short.

Here's my progress for today. Tomorrow I ride all day on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which follows the crest of the mountains. I should be staying tomorrow night with Mr. Ralph Draves, a member of a local bicycle club down here who helped me with directions for this trip (thanks, Ralph) and invited me to stay at his house tomorrow night. He said it was really easy to find: just follow directions to "Biltmore", whatever that is.
It's supposed to rain tomorrow, temps in the mid-60's. We'll see how that affects the day.

EXTRA CREDIT ALERT!! The Blue Ridge Parkway, as I understand it, was a WPA project. 10 points extra credit to the first student who can provide me with information (in writing, of course) on what the WPA was and why it did projects like build highways across the tops of mountains.


You use gasoline, I use Nestle's Quik. Same concept.

Pisgah National Forest
I love entering national forests. They are protected areas, and they have really cheap campsites in beautiful locations.

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