From Hendersonville, North Carolina - March 28-29, 1999

I'm at my uncle's computer right now. I'll be on the road a little later this morning. I'm waiting out some rain, but it looks like it will be here most of the day. Today will be about a 60 mile day and if all goes well the next installment should be from or near a little town called Marion. I've never been on these roads before so I'm really anxious to get moving. The trip down here was about 700 miles and was an 11 hour drive. It was fun to see the seasons change in one day. In Knoxville, Tennessee all the flowering trees are in full bloom. I enjoyed crossing some of America's great rivers: first the Ohio, then the Kentucky, then the Cumberland. And it was very cool to drive up into the Appalachian Mountains, the first great physical barrier of our history. My aunt and uncle live in the Appalachian piedmont, about 2000 ft. elevation. This means the summers aren't that brutal southern HOT and the winters aren't that brutal northern COLD. They love it here. Well, I'll see if I can load some pictures, and then I'm going to hit the road on a wet, cool, spring morning.
I hope to find a motel tonight so I can watch Duke and whoever (I'm in Blue Devil country down here, y'all. Go Duke.) Hope everybody's spring break is going great.


Rock Shelf
You know you're getting into the mountains when you see stuff like this.

This is the back yard of my Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Hal's home in Hendersonville. It's beautiful.

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