Songs for the American Road

The music faculty of the Downers Grove North High School Fine Arts Department would like to congratulate Mr. Bob Graham on his Route99 endeavor.  His energy and  passion for America's youth is truly a testimant to, and parallels the ideals of, the great country of ours that he will be crossing.

The following links are offered to Mr. Graham, and those who are following his journey, as a conduit to the musical arts that play such an important role in our (or any) society.  Mr. Graham recognizes this when he says, "Symphony orchestras represent everything great about great civilizations. When you hear one tune up, that's all civilization compressed."

Happy Trails to Mr. Graham, from his music colleagues,

Official Songs of all 50 States

Popular Songs In American History

Information on the 1969 concert, "Songs of America" by Simon and Garfunkel

American Songs site that has both lyrics and guitar tablature!

Patriotic Songs of America

.mp3 files of assorted Rock & Roll from local bands in all 50 states!

Mr. Graham's favorite (and the World's finest) - Chicago Symphony Orchestra

DGN Fine Arts Department

DGN "Trojan" Band

Updated: June 8, 1999
B. Teague