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My name is Jennifer.  I am a student at Downers Grove North. I live in Downers Grove, Illinois. I enjoy playing tennis and the piano.

The climate in Utah reanges from -4  to 40 degrees celuis. During the mounths that Mr.Graham is traveling through it will be an average 15 to 20 degrees celuis.  In fereinheit it will be about 80 degrees.The topography of the state is very interesting.  He is traveling from west to east and he will be encountering the western most section of the Rocky Mountains. The elevation will be ranging from 2,000 ft above sea level to 14,000 ft. The Terain varies from huge mountains to canyon drainages.  Good Luck Mr. Graham!

Mr. Graham is traveling through the Rocky Mountains. Glaciers were responsible for the formation of the Rocky Mountains.

 The remains of cliff-dwellers are preserved at Capital Reef National Park. The UTE, PAIUTE, Goshiute, and NAVAHO inhabitedthe region when Spanish missionaries arrived(1776).  The area passed(1848) to the U.S., and wagon trains on the OREGON TRAIL began passing through. In 1827 Mormons under the leadership of Brigham Young began to settle Utah.  Their subsequent petitions for statehood were denied because of the Mormon practice of polygamy.  This dispute escalated(1847) into the Utah War, which briefly pitted settlers against U.S. army troops.  In 1890 the church repudiated polygamy, and statehood was subsequently granted. Mining accelerated after the discovery of new mineral deposits in the early 20th century.  The extension of the Colorado River and the water projects and the growth of defence-related and high-technology industries since World War II have gradually provided Utah with a diversified economy.

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