Old Territorial State House, Fillmore, Utah
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County Information
    The area of Millard County in square miles is 6,818.  The population is 11,333 (in 1990).  The county seat is Fillmore. Millard County is the only county in the United States that uses the first and last names of a President.
(And what a president he was!)
    Fillmore is just one of the many towns in my county.
    Another major town is Delta, boasting the widest main street in Utah.
        Growing alfalfa and dairy farming are main ways of earning a living in the county.
        This is cool. Millard County may be chosen to be the site of a major observatory to help scientists around the world figure out why the earth is being bombarded with cosmic rays. Cosmic! Millard is in the running because of its clear atmosphere.
        At the same time, Intermountain Power has a huge coal-burning power plant that utilizes Utah coal to create energy for...southern California. Way to keep that air clear!!

County History
    The Sevier Culture (Native American) disappeared around A.D. 1300.  The Southern Paiutes, Pahant Utes, and Goshutes were some of the historic Indian groups that lived in the area.
    Brigham Young named the area Fillmore after the President Millard Fillmore.  He did so to gain favor with the President in order to gain quick statehood for Utah. Young had decided to establish the state capitol in the center of the Utah territory (see 'Old Territorial State House' link above), in the heart of Indian country, in order establish dominance in the entire region. Millard County was the center of the territory.
    When President Fillmore lost the election in 1851, that pretty much squashed the idea. (They should have quick changed it to Pierce County.)
    Anson Call and thirty other families began the settlement of Fillmore City. They started by building their thirty homes and school houses in the shape of a fort.  Farming and stock became the principal industries. In 1853, the population was listed as 304 people.  Today, Fillmore has a population of 1,956 people.

Geology /Geography
    To the west, Millard County is bordered by Nevada.  The eastern border lies on the valleys and mountain ranges of the Great Basin.  The Sevier River drains into Sevier Lake which is sometimes dry.
         Great Basin National Park lies in Millard County.

    The main religion in Millard County is Mormon.



        The 'Old Capitol Arts Festival' will be held in September, 1999 in Fillmore.
"Fun in the Sun for Everyone".

    There are many events to go and check out all year.  Fillmore also has one of the largest Fourth of July celebrations in Utah.  

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