- Home of 23 covered bridges -

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General County Information:
       -Washington County, Pennsylvania

             - Square mileage of county - 7.625 sq. kilometers

         - Total populations - 15,864

         - County road map -

                   Washington County, Pennsylvania

              - County Parks-

                - Cross Creek Park (3500 acres)
                - Mingo Creek Park (2600 acres)
                - Ten Mile Creek Park (22 acres)

County History:

                     - First inhabitants before European settlement

                      -The first European settlements

              - Famous people from this area -
                        Famous artist - Malcolm Parcell (deceased in Washington county)

            - Civil War-

                                          - Lemoyne House - Today this mansion is listed
                              in National Register of Historic Places.

                                          - Francis J. LeMoyne, M.D.

                                           - Buffalo trails and Native American footpaths

                                           - Township formation dates

                          - Formations dates of early boroughs


                          - General geography of the area

               - Washington County streams and their tributaries

                          - Swimming pools-

                    Sunset Beach - Claysville, Pennsylvania

                    Mineral Beach - Finleyville, Pennsylvania

              - The most common wild animal - deer

              - The most dangerous animals - bear and wolf

                       - Reasons for living in Washington County -

                                      Washington county is in the suburbs of Pittsburg and it's
                        really not a crowded county. Also there is a low crime rate.

                        - The population is growing -

                        People are moving out of Pittsburgh to live in the suburbs.
                        there are a lot of housing complexes going up in Washington


                      Washington County is found in extreme southwest corner of     Pennsylvania. Of the four major geographic regions in the state, Washington County is on the Allegheny Plateau. The Allegheny Plateau covers about half the state, that half bounded in the east by the ridges of Allegheny mountains.


                   - The biggest county political issue -

                                The toll road they want to build through part of Washington
               county connecting interstate 79 to Route 60 to go to Pittsburgh
               Airport. Many people do not want their houses torn down for the
               toll road.

             - The biggest state political issue the county is concerned about  -

                                The state tax money iing of the new Pittsburgh Steeler
                Football Stadium and the new Pittsburgh Pirate Baseball Stadium.
                Most people do not want their tax money paying for new stadiums,
                they think the owners of the teams should pay the bill.

             - The biggest national political issue the county is concerned about -

                             Whether or not Washington county should be concerned with
                the bombing of Kosovo.


                         Religions - Catholic and Greek Orthodox

             - The most common crime - car theft

                - Among the most famous artists from Washington County is
        Malcolm Parcell( who is now deceased). During his career, he enjoyed a
        national following of the art world for his paintings and prints.

                - Another artist who enjoys national prominence for his paintings is
        Nat Youngblood.

                -Other local artists include: Alan Cottrill, James Sulkowski, Ray
        Forquer, Steve Leonardi, Paul Edwards, Ray Dunlevy, and Robert

        *Each of these artists exhibit their works at the Artist's Co-op in
        downtown Washington, PA.


            - The best restaurant - Angelo's Ristorante (Washington, PA)
        -  The Back Porch Restaurant (Lower Speers, PA)
        - Where's the best ice cream/ milkshake? Sarn's Shop

    - The best thing about living in Washington County -

                         There are so many things to do that are in driving distance,
                Including three other states.

     - Popular attractions -

                    - Ladbroke at the Meadows (a horse racing track)

                  - The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum -
                            1 Museum Road, Washington, PA 15301

                    - Meadowcroft Museum of Rural Life

                    - Coca-Cola Star Lake Amphitheatre

                       Washington County has 23 covered bridges!

                     - Also known as the "kissin' bridges" (click above)