My name is Abby and I am sophomore at Downers Grove North in Downers Grove,IL, a suburb of Chicago.  I enjoy playing badmintonand volleyball.


County Information

    Philadelphiahas a population of around 1.5 million people.
There are many trails to hike on in Philadelphia.

County History
    The first inhabitants of Philadelphia were the Algonquian Indian tribes.  The first European settlers were the Dutch and Swedish.

    There are three historical landmarks in Philadelphia that are not very popular but are very interesting: Grove Hill, the Mill, First Baptist Church.

    The weather in Philadelphia varies with each season.The population in Philadelphia is shrinking more and more every year.  The food in Philadelphia varies alot they have a variety of different foods.

    Philadelphia's geology  mountainous in parts and flat in others.

    Philadelphia has many "hot topics" right now.  Sam Manzie for example is a teenager and got 70 years in prison.  The mayor's race in very big right now.  The Monica Lewinsky scandal is very big in Philadelphia; there are more people in Philadelphia watching the scandal than residents of any other city.


    There are many media outlets in Philadelphia.
    There is a website that has all kinds of links to anything you can imagine for Pennsylvania it has road maps, games, history, and just about anything else you can think of.

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