Fulton County

Fulton County is located in the south of Pennsylvania.


General County Information

Fulton County has a population of 14,457.  The county seat is located in McConnellsburg.  The county was established in 1850.  The land area of Fulton is 438 sq. miles.  Cowan's gap state park is the best place to camp.  There is no web access to the county at this point, however, they are in the process of building a web page for the county.  There is state web site for Pennsylvania.

County History

The first inhabitants were the Delaware Indians.  They are no longer in the county and were pushed out by the European settlers.  The first European settlers were mostly Scotch-Irish.  They first settled in the early  1700's.  They began settling in the area to begin farming and hunting and trapping.  They began moving west also because of the growing population of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington.  The settlers were mainly from these areas.


The weather is mostly sunny in the low 80's during the summer.  Thunderstorms tend to occur.  Average temperature is about 81.  Elevation change ranges from 1500 to 2100 feet above sea level.  There is no real east/west decline.  This is an extremely mountainous county wand will be very difficult for bike riding.  Manufacturing is the foundation of the economy.  (JLG Industries)  This is a small community which attracts retirees and people looking to raise a family.  The county population is growing mainly a result of a good economy and natural growth, as well as retirees moving to the area.  There are not any hot springs or swimming pools in Fulton.  Deer is the most common animal in Fulton.  The bear and coyote are the most dangerous county.


The land surface was shaped mostly by glaciers.


The biggest local issue are the development of hog farms and the quality of water in the area.  the biggest state issue is education in general and specifically school choice.  The biggest national issue is high taxes.  The county is 99% white with mostly protestant faith and a few catholics.  Most common crime is DUI.  Worst crime is murder.  Cultural events can be found at the Southern alleghanies tourist bureau web site.  Worst thing about living in the county is having to drive distances to get services others do not have to drive for.  Cowans gap state park would be what to see if a person could see one thing.  Dan Swain, County Commissioner would be the most interesting person to talk to.  (717) 485-3961


The Mercersburg chorus is well know.  The best musician is Dan Meridth.  He is the Southern Fulton band director.  He plays the piano.  The best artists are Mark Twain Noe, Chris Hill, and Brian Tucker.  All are painters.


The best local restaurant is Lincoln way pizza.  Best milkshake is found at Johnny's.  There aren't any UFO sightings found in Fulton County.  The biggest legend is the Fastest Man on the Frontier came from here in the 1700's.  He was able to run for miles and out run the Indians.  Computer access would be at the Fulton county Library.  Local Newspaper is the Fulton County News.  The schools are Central Fulton, Southern Fulton, and Forbes Road.

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