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    Over half of Bedford County's land area today is forest, much like the way it was in 1710, before the first white traders came into the area. They disturbed what until then was the province of the Indians. Artifacts have been found showing people have been in Bedford County at least 2500 years ago. About 400 years ago the Seneca, part of the Iroquois Federation, came to the area while game was plentiful. The Shawnee came into the area around 1680, and it was they who had most of the conflicts with the early European settlers. By 1730, a few settlers began moving north into Southern
Bedford county from Virginia and Maryland. Most of these settlers believed they were still in their home states.
     In 1758, British General Edward Forbes erected a fort to serve as the main base for the final
thrust west. The fort was named Fort Bedford, in honor of one of England's most powerful families. From there, the British hacked a trail through 100 miles of mountain and forest and used it as a military highway for the capture of the French Fort Duquesne. Today, that trail still remains widely used and is now called U. S. Route 30. The road follows the historical trailal most exactly.

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 -Average population            49,373
 -The amount of land area in Bedford is 2.874 sq. kilometers.
 -The amount of surface water is 0 sq. kilometers:.
 -Bedford is positioned 40.01 degrees north of the equator and 78.50 degrees west of the prime    meridian.
-Economic census from 1992
-Population census


                        Bedford Speedway

    Bedford is the home of world-famous Cannondale Bikes.

 -Weather in Everett, a town in inside Bedford County.
-The county was growing in population

 -Bedford's Chamber of Commerce.
 -List Of Schools in Bedford

 More than 40 log structures have been collected to create a typical village
                                    of the area, with residences, schools, farms, a church and shops. The site
                                    includes actual log cabins moved from other locations as well as
                                    reconstructed buildings. Each building reflects a particular character of its
                                    own. Group rates are available. Open May-October from 9-5. Closed
                                    Phone (800)238-4347 for more information.
Tucked away in the "less traveled" area of Bedford County is a marvel. Often talked
                              about, but seldom found, Gravity Hill is a phenomenon. Cars roll uphill, water
                              flows the wrong way ... it's a place where gravity has gone haywire. Here's
                              information about finding Gravity Hill with a minimum of wrong turns:

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