Allegheny County

Allegheny County is located in western Pennsylvania.

Basic County Information

There is a home page for Allegheny county.   The square  mileage of Allegheny County is 731 miles.  The population of Allegheny is 1,336,449.  The county seat is located in Pittsburgh.  You can get a map of Allegheny County at the township map web site (as seen below). There is a web site for a road construction schedule.

County History

It was established on September 24, 1788 from parts of Westmoreland County and Washington County.  It was named after the Allegheny River.The Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society is located in Allegheny County.


The weather during the summer gets to around 40's to 90's.  You can get up to date weather here.   Everyone is peaceful in the county.  They have good libraries and jazz music.The most common wild animal in Allegheny County is deer.

The land is very has many natural resources.  There are many trees and natural camping grounds.


Click here to get the political history and today's political structure of Allegheny County.


There is going to be an Allegheny County Fair during the summer.  The worst crime in Allegheny is murder.  The most common crime is break ins and car theft. The top company in Allegheny County is Bell Atlantic.   The best thing to visit in Allegheny County is the Carnegie Library.
The majority of the population in Allegheny County are whites.


The best musicians are found in the orchestra or the local jazz musicians.  There is the Andy Warhol Museum in downtown Pittsburgh.

For a listing of Allegheny County schools go to

The best restaurant is Poli.

The best place to get a milkshake is Handels, they are made from natural ingredients.

The biggest mystery or legend in your county is Green Man.  Supposedly he was struck by lightning and lived in this boarded-up house.  There is a tunnel named after him, Green Man's Tunnel- off ST 837/River Road.

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