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General Info
Mercer County is located in Ohio. It is on the central western boarder of Ohio, southwest of Lima. The town that is constructed closes to Mercer County, would be the town of Celina. The population, estimated in 1995, was 40,906. But it has grown since the last time it was measured in 1990, which was estimated to about 39,443. This town has surly grown over the past four years, which probably went up by another 1,000, as did the past five years have shown. Also the population density is about 88.3, and this was estimated in 1995, so that number probably have grown a lot.  
            The name origin came from General Hugh Mercer, he lived from 1721 to 1777. He was a Revolutionary war officer and physician. This county was organized on February 12,1820. It was helped organized from the Darke County.

             Mostly the land is flat and bare, except for the lower part of the state, many farms roam the land. The total land of Mercer County is made up of 463.3 square miles of flat and fertile land. Also in Mercer County there is one big lake that is located east of Mercer County, closer to Celina, the name is Grand Lake. The whole water surrounding only makes up 10.0 square miles of the entire water area. The land is pretty much flat, especially  in the north, but the south do have many high elevations, the highest point is Campbell Hill (1,549 feet).

            The major of Mercer County and Celina is Craig O. Klopfleisch. His number is: 419-586-5823. The fax is: 419-586-2577 or E-mail at:

            Most of the places to go in Mercer County are things such as restaurants and parks. The closest and most peaceful place near Mercer County would be the lake of Grand. There on the east edge of Grand Lake is a state park. At the state park you may camp or even just go there to rest and enjoy the surrounding and have a picnic. There may not be that many things to do, but it sure is a great place to visit.
            In Mercer County they hold a Banner Fair, August 10 through August 16. It is a week long event that highlights regions of rich agriculture assets. Also there is A historical museum, called the Mercer County Historical Museum on 130 West Market St., P.O. Box 512, Celina, OH 45822. Phone #: 419-678-6065 or E-mail at: They also receive a news letter called the Mercer County Monitor.

Schools  in the county are few and far in between, but a good education for the county. If you would like to contact the Mercer County area, the address is:
        101 N Main St.
        Celina, OH 45822

        Or if you would like to Fax them, the fax number is:   (419)586-1714
        Or by phone, the number is:   (419)586-3178
        Here is some info that may be of importance to some people, such as the per capital income is: $12,919. Food store sales are: $40,230 and drug stores sales are: $11,501.

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