Marion Main Street, about 1845

        What up, my name is Joe.  I am currently enrolled in Downers Grove North High School.  I am taking Mr. Graham's US. History class.  The objective of me doing this web page is because Mr. Graham is taking a bike trip that goes from San Francisco, California to Boston, Massachusetts.  We his student's are each being assigned a county on the path that he will be taking.  I am responsible for Marion County, Ohio.  I enjoy football, car's, sleeping, and eating.  My favorite car is the FORD MUSTANG.

A special thanks to Mary Donaldson, reference librarian at the Marion Library for all her help to finding information about Marion County.


Website address of official county website  Also Allen Pots  County history web page.

Square mileage of Marion County
    402.2 square miles.

The population of Marion County
    65,871.  Other county statistics are available.

The county seat of Marion County

A map of Marion County
    Marion County is located in the center of Ohio.

Where is the best place to camp in Marion County
    There are no state parks or other public campgrounds in Marion County.


What famous people came out of Marion County
    Warren G. Harding who was the 29th president.  Also Norman Thomas who was a pacifist and socialist.

What famous people are buried in Marion County
   Warren G. Harding who was the 29th president.


What kind of weather will Marion County be most likely to experience this summer
    The weather is hot and humid.

What is the average daily temperature in Marion County
    About 70 degrees.

What kind of elevation change is there in Marion County
    There is relay no change.  Its pretty much all flat however there are occasionally some gentle hills.

Is the population changing
    The population is pretty much staying at a steady pace.

What is the regional food that Marion County is know for

Is there any natural hot springs in Marion County
    No there are no natural hot springs in Marion County.

What is the most common wild animal in Marion County
    Its pretty much like every other farming county in the midwest -
deer, raccoons, rabbits, etc.; probably the most common would be deer.

What is the most dangerous animal in Marion County
    The most dangerous animal would have to be the humans.


What is the biggest local political issue in Marion County
    Right now there are two major issue's.  The first being the Buckeye Egg Farm a mammoth industrial chicken and egg factory that will have over one million hens when it's finally done.
    The second being toxic contamination at River Valley High School.


What kind of events are going to be going on this summer in Marion County
    Summer events include the county fair , which usually takes place on a weekend around the 4th of July.  The Steam Engine Show (lot's of steam tractors )which takes place the second weekend in June.

What is the one thing a tourist that is passing through Marion County should stop and see
    The Harding home and/or the Harding Memorial.


What is the best restaurant in Marion County (not a chain)
    Central Grille which is in the old interurban rail station.

Where is the best place to get a milkshake/ice cream in Marion County
    Riverside Home Made Ice Cream or the Jerzee.

What is the biggest mystery or legend in Marion County
    The revolving ball.

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