Howdy.  My name is Dustin, I am a sophomore at Downers Grove North

High School.  I am taking Mr. Graham's U.S. History class second semester.  We are

setting up a website on his Route 99.  Basketball season ended a week ago, and I just

started baseball season.  I am working at a place called the Auto Salon in Downers

Grove, it is detailing and fixing all cars.  I love cars and hope to one day work with

exotics.  I am turning sixteen in April and I will receive my license in June.  I am

looking for a car right now.  I hope to find a 1990-1991 Nissan 300ZX.  That is my

favorite car and I should be able to get one once summer ends.  I enjoy playing

many sports and I also enjoy watching t.v.  I used to be an NBA fan but now I like

NCAA basketball.  My favorite basketball team is UConn.  I hope that they go all of

the way and beat Duke for the championship.
    Enough about me, lets get to my county.
As you already know my county is Logan County located in Southwest Ohio.  Below

is information on my county including links to important websites.  The following

information that I received was given to me by a very nice woman named Kandie

Lowry of the Logan County Chamber of Commerce.  I am very appreciative of what

she has done for me.


What kind of weather are we most likely to experience in the summer ?
    It can sometimes reach 90 degrees in the summer with 100% humidity.
What is the average temperature in the summer ?
    It is an average of around 75 to 80 degrees.
What is the land elevation like in your county ?
    It is flat yet kind of hilly.  The highest point in the state is in our county.  Cambell Hill is 1,550 feet above sea level.  Their land also has good farming.
 What do most people do for a living ?
        Most people work in industrial factories.  One of our biggest factories is the Honda of America.
What is your unemployment rate ?
    One of the lowest in the state at 3.3%.
Is their a local swimming pool in your county ?
    There is the Bellefontaine Municipal pool that opens on Memorial Day Weekend.
What is the most common animal in your county ?
    Deer, hunting is very popular to keep the population down.

What is the biggest local political issue in the county ?
    The big issue was whether or not to build an airport.  They passed it and are now constructing it.
What are the state and national issues ?
    Basically the same as anywhere else.


What are the main subcultures in your county ?
    Our culture is mixed with caucasion, African-American and Japanese.
What crime is most common in your county ?
    They are crimes that have to do with drugs and alcohol.
What is the worst crime ever commited in your county ?
    In 1990-91 a man shot another man in the middle of downtown Bellefontaine and then killed himself.  It seems the man had seen another mans wife in a magazine, she used to be Miss Ohio.  He fell in love with her.  When she rejected him, he went after her husband.
What is the best thing about living in your county ?
    The best thing is the small town atmosphere, where sometimes it seems that everyone knows each other.
What is the worst thing about living in your county ?
    The worst thing is if you are a highschool kid.  Usually, if you do something that you are not supposed to be doing than your parents find out from someone.
If you come to our county what should you see ?
    It depends on what the tourist likes.  If they like history, I would say the Piatt Castles, if they like wonders of nature they would want to see the Ohio Caverns or the Zane Shawnee Caverns.  If they like nature, it would be Indian Lake, and if you like chocolat you want to stop at Marie's Candies

Do you have any artists or authors in your town ?
    We have an author in town, his name is Alan Eckart and he wrote the Frontiersmen which he talks about our many historic figures that lived here.


What is your best and most common resaurant in the area ?
    We do not have many restaurants besides chain in the area.  If you are lucky enough to be invited to dinner by an Amish family that would be the best dinner you have ever had.
Where is the best ice cream shop ?
    The best place for ice cream is the Ice Cream Parlor in West Liberty on Main Street.
Has their ever been a UFO sighting in your county ?
    Not officially, although their have been people who think that they have.
Do you have any legends ?
    We have dead man's curve where they say that a man was killed while driving a motorcycle, by robbers and that he still can be seen driving down that road at night.  There is also the legend of the glowing tombstone.

    For more information on Logan County go to these related links that follow.  Again I would like to thank Kandie Lowry for answering all of my questions.  To reach her or other generous people from Logan county go to logancountyohio.com.    If you would like to know more about the general area and where stores are located go to county infoIf you are interested in the political views of Logan county go to Politics
When you visit this county and do not know what to do then go to visitors guide
When you visit Ohio and are interested in geology visit one of our caverns.
If you want a planned trip to Logan go to weekend planner.

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