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I would like to thank Andrew D. Owens and John J. Wells for helping me with information on their county.

    County information

Square mileage- 527.2 sq. mi.
Population- 51,702
Best place to camp- Kokosing Valley Camp, along the Kokosing river
Knox County Page

    County History

Famous people from Knox:
- Dan Emmett (writer of Dixie)
- Paul Lynde
- Paul Newman (He went to Kenyon College)

Famous people buried in Knox:
- "The Wildman of Borneo" (PT Barnum's Circus)
- Paul Lynde
- Dan Emmett

    County Geography

Weather in Knox to likely have in the summer time is warm, probably cloudy with an average daily temp of mid 70's to low 80's

Knox's current weather here

Elevation changes from east to west:
- Higher in east, about 1,300 ft above sea level
- Lower in the west, about 800 ft above sea level

Ohio's construction update

    County Geology

Knox is a growing county, many businesses are moving in and suburban areas are growing with homes.

Q: Are there any natural springs?
A: No, but there is a public pool by the fair grounds.

The most common animal in Knox: White tailed deer
The most dangerous animal in Knox: White tailed deer (and squirrels)


The biggest local issue: Delco Water Project
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