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    Hello, my name is Kelly. I am a sophomore at Downers Grove North High School in Downers Grove, IL. I play on my school's volleyball team. I am also involved in many clubs like Peer Helpers and Class Board.  Outside of school, I enjoy working at Limited Too, playing club volleyball, and having fun with my friends. I am the oldest in a family of three girls and I have a dog named Forrest.
      I would like to give a very special thank you to Michael Ontko of the Coshocton County Public Library. Thank you, once again, Michael, i appreciate everything you helped me with. Questions or comments for Michael can be sent to this address:

General County Information
Website address of official county website:

Square mileage of county:  566

Population:  36,131

County Seat:  Coshocton

Is there a county road map on the internet:

Is there a road construction report on the internet:

The best place to camp in the county:  Forest Hills Campground

County History

First inhabitants of the area:  Indians

Are they still in the area:  no

Why:  The Trail of Tears

Who were the first European settlers:  Irish and German

When did they first settle:  mid 1800s

Why:  religious persecution

Where did they come from:  Ireland and Germany

What famous people from that area:  Former President John Quincy Adams

What famous people buried there:  William Green (president of the American Federation of Labor) born 1870, died 1952


What kind of weather in the summer:  temperate

What is the average temperature in the summer:  75 degrees Fahrenheit

Main economic foundation for county:  manufacturing

What reason for living there:  quiet, low crime rate

Is the county growing or shrinking:  shrinking

Why:  lack of employment

Regional food area is known for:  Amish

Best place to get it:  Holmes County

Is there a natural hot springs:  no

Is there a public swimming pool:  yes, three

What is the most common wild animal:  squirrels, raccoons, deer

What is the most dangerous wild animal:  black bear

Why is the land surface shaped the way it is:  glacation from the last ice age
What is the biggest local political issue:  air and water pollution

What is the biggest state political issue that concerns residents:  concealed handgun law

What is the biggest national political issue that concerns residents:  air and water pollution

What are the main subcultures in your county:  Amish

What crime is the most common:  Theft

What is the worst crime ever committed:  multiple murders

Is there an internet listing of county events for the summer of '99:
Some major events in Coshocton in the summer of '99 are the Coshocton Canal Festival, the Old Time Music Fest, the Strawberries and Cream Fest, and the Bank One Hot Air Balloon Festival.

What is the best thing about living in county:  quiet pace, low crime rate

What is the worst thing about living in county:  pollution

Most interesting thing in county:  Roscoe Village (restored canal town)

Most interesting person in county:  Jeff Smith (local author)

Local or regional music that area is known for:  fiddle music

Who is the best musician of county:  Dan Mitchell

What instrument:  guitar

Local regional art area is known for:  basket making

Who is best artist:  Harold Parkhill

Medium:  paint

What is the best local restraint:  Thomas's Steakhouse

Where is the best ice cream/milkshake:  Goshen Dairy

Ever a UFO sighting:  1957

Biggest mystery or legend in county:  big foot


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