My name is Jonathan. I go to Downers Grove North High School. I participate in Concert Band and in Pep Band. I also am in two sports, soccer and track. My hobbies include hanging with my friends, listening to music, playing video games, and renting movies. The Beastie Boys are one of my favorite groups, and Nintendo64 is my favorite system. My favorite movie I would have to say is the Star Wars Trilogy.  And last but not least, I love my neighborhood Family Video.

General Info
    Square Mileage- 401.3
    Population- 46, 877
    High School Graduates- %76.5
    College Graduates- %9.8
    Unemployed- %5.7
    Income per capita- $18,401
    Retired workers- 4,735
    Welfare recipients- 390
    # of farms- 997
    % of land that is farms- %80
    County seat-Wapakoneta
    Best place to camp- Grand Lake St. Mary's
    Official Website-
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County History
    The Auglaize area was primarily claimed by the Miami Tribe of Indians. Sometimes the Wyandotte Tribe came through these lands in hunting parties. The Shawnee Tribe kicked out the Miami and took over the area in 1782. The Shawnee traded with the British by means of the Auglaize River. Between 1790 and 1794, the Shawnee fought battles to hold land from the whites. General Anthony Wayne finally won the war with the Shawnee, and the tribe moved on to Indiana. Then the Auglaize county area became a site for trading posts to be set up for the new coming white settlers. Ever since then Auglaize has become a growing county both industrialize and population wise.Ohio Land Stories
    Auglaize county is the hometown of Neil Armstrong. He was born in city of Wapakoneta on his grandparents farm. He still resides in the area, now living in the town of Lebanon(Warren County). In case that  you do not know, Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon.  The Neil Armstrong Museum is also located in Auglaize county. Go here

Geography  and Geology

                                  While Ohio offers many year-round attractions, most travelers will prefer
                               to visit from late April through October. Summer is warm, with most areas
                               seeing 90 F/32 C temperatures for at least a few days. Humidity can be
                               uncomfortable at high temperatures, though generally not excessively so.
                               Expect more rain in late spring and early summer, including thunderstorms
                               and the possibility of tornadoes. Temperatures range 37-70 F/3-21 C in
                               the northeast and 41-72 F/5-22 C in the southwest during April and May.
                               Fall is the sunniest season, with warm September days running 52-81
                               F/11-21 C. A jacket will be useful for evenings, especially in October,
                               when temperatures drop into the low 40s F/4-6 C at night.

                               Winters are cold (17 to 43 F/-8 to -6 C), with plenty of snow, especially
                               in the snowbelt near Lake Erie. Winter visitors to the state should be
                               prepared for hazardous driving and flight delays caused by the snow.

    - County Officers

                          Hugh A. Core
                                                       Board Of Commissioners
                          John N. Bergman
                                                           County Commissioner
                          Ivo Kramer
                                                           County Commissioner
                          Kurt Kuffner
                                                           County Administrator
                          Edwin Pierce
                                                           County Prosecutor
                          Gary Herman
                                                           Municipal Court Judge
                          Frederick D. Pepple
                                                           County Judge
                          Mark E. Specs
                                                           County Judge
                          Larry Vasko
                                                           County Health
                          Thomas Freytag
                                                           County Coroner
                          Kellie Salsbury
                                                           County Human
                                                            Services Director
                          Kurt Quellhorst
                                                           County Dog Warden
                          Larry Robert Longsworth
                                                           County Sheriff
                          Douglas P. Reinhart
                                                           County Engineer
                          Ted Kevin Schnell
                                                           Assistant County
                          Genevie Pitchford
                                                           County Treasurer
                          Karyn Schumann
                                                           County Auditor
                          Connie Cordonnier
                                                           County Clerk
                          Ann Billings
                                                           County Recorder
                          Sue Ellen Kohler
                                                           County Court Clerk

    -Apple Harvest Festival is celebrated at Maple Lane Farms each October. The Farm is located 3 miles east of Wapakoneta and includes a gift shop, ice cream parlor and wine store along with the Apple Barn.
   -The Fourth of July is celebrated each year with the St. Joe Festival, sponsored by the St. Joseph Catholic Church. The event is held at the county fairgrounds and features food, games, teen and polka dances, a cake wheel and fireworks.

    - Wapakoneta is home to a number of festivals, and as the county seat, hosts the Auglaize County Fair each year. The Fair is held at the end of July/beginning of August and higlights the agricultural achievements of county youth and adults. Rides, games, horse racing, exhibits and entertainment are featured during the week-long event.
    -Each September, the Wapakoneta Chamber of Commerce hosts the Indian Summer Festival, a celebration of the city's Indian heritage as well as the on-set of Indian Summer. Free entertainment, a parage, scholarship pageant, craft show, band show, go-kart races, children's activities and more are a part of the annual event.

    -The Neil Armstrong Space Museum is located at the intersection of Interstate 75 and Bellefontaine Street, honors Wapakoneta native Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. Mementos of Armstrong's career are displayed along with other Ohioans who have contributed to the history of flight. The Museum is open March through November from 9:30 a.m- 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon-5p.m. on Sundays. Each July, the Museum hosts a Festival of Flight to commemorate the anniversary of the landing on the moon.

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    If you are looking for a very interesting musuem to go to, this would be the one. It has bicycles dating back from 1816 all the way to present day. It is very cool to look at how bicycles have been revolutionized since they were first invented. You might look at one of the old bikes and say that you would never ride that thing, but back in the 1800's bicycles were not only a form of transportation, they were a leisure activity. Since Mr. Graham is riding his bicycle across the country, it is very ironic that his path across the country also comes across the path of The Bicycle Museum of America.

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