Westchester County, New York
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County Information:
Westchester County  is one of the 10 original counties of the province New York. Westchester County was established November 10, 1683, Westchester is also the first county you will cross as you traveling north out of New York City. County Census  of Westchester County since 1790,  for each town located in the Westchester County area. Westchester County is a square mileage of over 457 square miles.
County History:
Westchester County History  has many  facts on the pastime of the many is the Indians of Westchester County. First 300 Years of Life!
Historic Rivers  along and around the Great Hudson River, just North of New York City, see the beautiful view of the gorgeous water from a peaceful trolley along the Hudson and many other Beautiful rivers.


Westchester County from the hills, the main rivers, little creeks and many more so much land surface, The European way of living, when their living in Westchester County took place, just so much interesting Facts!! There are so many Good maps  on Westchester County, you need all day to check them all out!. :)



Opera, Dance, Music, Religion, Theater, Radio, Museums, Bars anything you want from the Arts  center of Great Westchester County.


There are many great  schools for children of all ages to attend, ranging from Catholic to Private to Public.

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