My name is Robyn I am a student at Downers Grove North High School.  I have lived in Downers Grove for about ten years. Before moving to Downers Grove I lived in Oak Brook. My family moved because the town wanted to build a office building. After five years they decided to build strip mall and a bank.  I have an older brother named Jim; he is a very big trouble maker.  I have a very large family; I have six aunts, five uncles.


The first inhabitants were a tribe of Indians that I myself could not find.
Q)  Are these Indians still in the area?
A)  No.  These Indians are no longer in the Putnam area.
Q)  What happened to these unnamed Indians?
A)  The land was sold to Adolph Philipse, and the unnamed Indians moved west.
Q)  Who were the first European settlers?
A)  The Dutch
Q)  When did the Dutch first settle?
A)  1679


Chuang Yen Monastery:  Largest Buddhist monastery in the U.S.  (RT. 301 CARMEL, NY 10512, ( 914) 225-1819)
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Belle Lavine art center ( 255 Kennicut Hill Road, Mahopac, Ny 10541, (914)628-3105)


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