New York

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General State Information
    State Motto: "Excelsior" (Which literally means "Ever upward" representing New York's constant view on the future.)
    State Fruit:  Apple
   State Muffin:  Apple Muffin---(Where else do you know that has a state muffin?????)
    State Tree: Sugar Maple--(Now only if people in New York City would sweeten up!!!!!)

    The total area of New York is 49,576 square miles.  It contains four mountain ranges: Adirondack, Catskill, shawangunk, and Taconic.  New York has 11 different regions (see map below). It is located in upper northeast United States, commonly called "New England".  On of the most unique features New York has is Niagara Falls. Every minute 40 million gallons of water falls 180 feet over a ledge that is 2/3 of a mile wide.
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(Map of New York by region)

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