Union County

General information
Union county is located in the northeastern part of New Jersey.  It was founded in 1857. The county seat is Elizabeth, NJ which was the first english speaking town in New Jersey. The population is (1990): 493819 and the land area is 103 square miles.
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County history
For the brief history of union county click here. While the county was founded in 1857 it was once part of Essex county actually parts of it were.  1857 was the year it was formerly incorporated.

The geography of Union county is mostly flat. The state of New Jersey is also mostly flat with a low mountain region in the northwestern part of the state.
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The geology of New Jersey is quite complex. It consists of four main physiographic provinces. These provinces are:

    1.Valley and Ridge
    4.Coastal Plain
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Politicians who were born in Union County

       Cranford: Joseph Weintraub 1908
       Elizabeth: Stephen Crane 1709 Elias Dayton 1737 Jonathan Dayton 1760 William Chetwood 1771 William
       Halstead 1794 Nicholas Murray Butler 1862 William Sulzer 1863 James Paul Mitchell 1900 Matthew John
       Rinaldo 1931 Joseph 'Joe' DeIorio 1966
       Near Elizabeth: Abraham Clark 1726 John Kean 1852 Hamilton Fish Kean 1862
       Elizabethtown (now Elizabeth): John De Hart 1728 James Manning 1738
       Plainfield: William Nelson Runyon 1871 Harrison Arlington Williams, Jr. 1919
       Rahway: Wayne Thomas Gilchrest 1946 Christopher Henry Smith 1953
       Roselle: Charles August Sulzer 1879
       Scotch Plains: Thomas Ward Osborn 1836
       Springfield: George Armstrong Halsey 1827
       Summit: Francis Trelease Underhill, Jr. 1921 Levin Hicks Campbell 1927
       Vauxhall: Amalya Lyle Kearse 1937
Politicians who lived in Union County

       Elizabeth: Florence Price Dwyer - John J. McGowan - Donald Holman McLean
       Plainfield: Joseph W. Yates
       Rahway: Clifford Philip Case - James J. Kinnealy
       Springfield: Peter H. Meisel
       Westfield: Robert W. Nelson
Politicians who died in Union County

       Elizabeth: Jonathan Dayton 1824 Robert Porter Patterson 1952
       Elizabethtown (now Elizabeth): John De Hart 1795
       Plainfield: Roswell Gilbert Horr 1896 Ernest Robinson Ackerman 1931
       Rahway: Abraham Clark 1794
       Summit: Frank Leander Sundstrom 1980

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