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My name is Molly Bendell.  I am a sophmore at Downers Grove North high school.  I am in the school choir, I play the violin and piano and I have danced for 14 years.

        Nevada, or the "snow covered" state, earned its name from the Spanish who were the first to claim Nevada.  Before it was named and claimed it had to be formed.  Nevada's land surface was shaped from the volcanic origin.  Nevada is 110,567 sq mi, the seventh largest state in the US.  Nevada was created in 1861, but entered in the US in 1864 as the 36th state.
 The population of Nevada in 1990 was 1,201,833.  19,377 of that 1200 thousand people are Native Americans.  Many of the museums throughout Nevada are made up of Native American artifacts and crafts from the early mining days.  Mining makes up five percent of the gross product of Nevada.  The top products include gold, silver, and petroleum.  Compared to the four percent of Manufaturing, and one percent in farming.  Tourism dominates, thanks to the legalization of of gambling.  Besides the gambling in Las Vegas there is the Hoover Dam which is a popular sight.
 The first radio station in Nevada was KOH in Reno in 1928, and the first television station, KOLO in Reno in 1953.  In the 1990's there were eight daily newspapers.  Including the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Sun, and the Gazette Journal.  There are 16 counties and 19 municipalities.  Carson City was the most independent county.
 The Native American tribes included the Shoshone, the Paiute, the Bannock, and the Washoe.  When the Comstock Lode came in, the Paiute was alarmed.  In 1848, at the end of the Mexican War, Nevada was acquired by the US in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.  In 1849, the Morman settlers from Salt Lake Cit founded trade post in Carson River Valley, which is now Genoa.  In 1851, the Mormons set up their government which was shut down by Utah which regained their control.

 At the lowest elevations the desert vegetation has vast majorities of yucca, creosote, mesquite, and cactus.  In the Mountain slopes, which there are many, there is juniper, and pinon pines.  Forests make up ten percent of the land area.  Only a small portion is commercial.  The largest animals include the bobcat, mule, antelope, and sheep.  Also, there is the sidewinder rattlesnake.

 In Las Vegas the high temperature is 105 and the low is 75 degrees.  In Elko, the temperature varies greatly from that of the Las Vegas temperature, the high is 89 degrees and the low is 45 degrees.  The usual weather is clear, bright and sunny.  There is little precipitation, actually, it is the driest state in the US. In the south the summers are long and hot, and in the north they are short and hot.

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