Mineral County
Hi, my name is Cory Finn. I enjoy wrestling at my current high school and perform well in all my classes. This website will tell you a little about Mineral County and it's current position in the state of Nevada. The current population of Mineral County is 6,872 . The first Indian Reservation was settled in March 14, 1874. It was called the grant reservation and had well over 500 tribe members. The reservation covered  about 300,000 acres and is located near highway 95. The elevation is 4,255 and higher. The land is flat and dry with several ponds and lakes. Where the elevation gets high, there are many snow cap mountains. Most of the lakes are man made. One current political issue is that the military's personal refuses to pay taxes that hurt Mineral County. This county is also known for its many Roman Cathloic churches. Enjoy the links I have given you and I hope you got a little taste of Mineral County.

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