Eureka County

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Eureka County, is now rather small containing only one high school, and two grade schools. The population has decreased significantly since most of the valuable natural resources have been diminished.


In 1867, when a miner stuck gold, and indirectly gave Eureka County a name. Eureka County Nevada is located on highway 50. Eureka was blessed with a mild winter, and a warm summer, making it the perfect area for miners.

Imagine, sliver and gold as far as the eye can see. Well, maybe not as far as the eye can see. When settlers eventually moved out West, they found what will become some of the most valuable natural resources that existed. This is what the people of Eureka ending up making a living off of.

Politics in Nevada are much like politics from all over the place. Most of the information I found was related to the senators, and house members. Please click to get the information.



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