My name is Marissa and I am a sophomore at Downers Grove North High School. I play on the varsity volleyball team and also softball team for our high school. I am in orchestra and play the cello. Outside of school I enjoy hanging out with friends. I would like to thank the staff and students at Churchill County High School, especially Sarah and Marie, my project saving contacts, for answering my questions over numorous emails to help with my research on Churchill County.

County History
Churchill County was originally settled during the California Gold rush in the 1860's. The county was and still is extremely rich in natural and historic attractions. One of the famous historic attractions would include the Pony Express. Fallon is the oasis of the county and located in the western section. Originally, Fallon was a trading post on the Carson River and was named Ragtown. (Named for the clothes hung the trees and shrubs and wagons in the area.) The Pony Express skirted the area in the 1860's and was followed closely by the Overland Telegraph. Three of the original 30 Pony Express stations in the state of Nevada are in Churchill County.

Main Historic Attractions
The Pony Express stations are one of the main attractions in Churchill County. One of the best preserved stations, New Pass Station, is located about 25 miles east of Fallon. This is where one can feel the true living conditions and isolation felt by the early pioneers and Native Americans. Also, another historic attraction is the Churchill County Museum and Archives in Fallon.Another attraction in Fallon is the Naval Air Station. This is where the jet flyers in Top Gun were trained.

More Historic Attractions
Rock Creek - Cold Springs Station
Wagon Jack Shelter - Prehistoric remains
Hazen-town dedicated to William Hazen, a general that served under General Sherman in Sherman's March to the Sea.
Wonder- in the early 1900's over 6,000,000 was mined in gold, silver copper and zinc.
Lake Lahontan

Petroglyphs and remains of ancient civilizations still remain in Churchill County today. The remains are from in habitants of the area more than 8000 years ago. Grimes Point is a place that there is prehistoric rock art at. Also, there are archeological digs that take place at Home of Early Man.

Churchill County is located in the western half of the state of Nevada. Fallon is located at the end of the infamous "40 Mile Desert." Churchill County is a county that has many rural towns that are far and few between. To get a true taste of the desert visit Sand Mountain. There sand formations found here are formed from the wind blowing the and around. Sometimes there is a whistling sound from the sand being blown around. Through out the county there really is no elevation change the whole county is about 4000 feet above sea level.

Churchill County Republican Central Committee in Fallon Nevada.
Churchill County legislature.




Weather - the weather from June to august remains basically the same. It is mostly between 80 - 100 degrees and there tends to be a light wind. There are a lot of hot, sunny summer days in Churchill County.
Economy - The main economic foundation of the county is farming. There is a lot of alf-alfa grown in Churchill County. A regional food is Heart of Gold cantaloupes. They are such a big deal there is a cantaloupe celebration every year.
Best Shake/Ice Cream - For the best ice cream Sarah would recommend Baskin Robbins. But for the best shake she recommends to go to Bob's Rootbeer both located in Fallon.
Most interesting people/storytellers - Sarah would say that her dad is one of the best story tellers in the county. Although she would also like to give some credit to the "old timers" in the town. Marie recommended Mr. Gary Launders, A.K.A. Dr. Launders as the best story teller.
Best Non chain restaurant - The best restaurant would have to be La Fiesta, a mexican restaurant. The people who work there are from Mexico so they know all of the true ways to cook the best Mexican meal.
Best and Worst of Churchill - The best thing about living in Churchill County is that the air is so clean and also that it is all desert. Also there are low taxes. The worst thing about living there is that there is only one town in the county.
Bike Shop -
385 Regan Place
Fallon, NV

Crime - There is a rather low crime rate in Churchill County.
Media Outlet -
1155 Gummow Drive
Fallon, NV
Biggest Mystery - One of the biggest mysteries of Churchill County is the disappearance of the Indians that lived there when most of the land was covered in water.
If there was one thing you must see... - If you were going through the county and could only see one thing you should stop and see Sand Mountain. Sand Mountain is 200 feet of solid sand.
Hot Springs - There are two locations of hot sprngs in the county. One locations is by the county landfill and the other location is out on the Stillwater lands.


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