York County

    Hello, my name is Allison B.   My favorite class is jewelry.  Along with Drivers Ed. I am looking forward to getting my license in February.  I'm involved in many sports.  In the fall I do diving, swimming and club gymnastics.  In the winter I do gymnastics.  Right now things are not working out how I want them to.  I have a "boot" and I am out of sports for 6 weeks.  Hopefully, I will be healed soon and be able to participate in the state meet.  My goal is to make it every four years to that meet.  So far I have fulfilled my goal.   In the spring, last year, I did soccer but I'm going to go out for track.  I would like to try shot put, and the sprinter events. See sports pictures.   In the girls diving I am the girl on the right end with the blonde hair. In the gymnastics picture I am the one on the left.  In my  spare time I baby-sit.  I am a lifeguard and teach swim/dive lessons.  I like to listen to all kinds of music.
    I would like to give credit to people in York County. I would like to thank Mr. B. Petermann, a social studies teacher at Benedict Public School, who got some students to help me.  The students names are. Reggie W., Heather
 T., Jacob S., and Paul M.. The students are in his World Geography class, and they are 9th graders.  Dr. S. Koch ,principal at York High School, who forwarded information to a history teacher.  R. Baier who works for York County Development/Chamber of Commerce. K. Moore, Benedict Public School Board President, who passed along the e-mail to teachers.  S. Block who gave me web site to look up to find information.

County Information:
  York Information : Will give you links to find out things such as restaurants, parks and recreation, school, and so on.
Square miles- 576 sq/miles
 Population- 14,625
 County Seat - York, NE.
 York County  Little statistics on York County.

County History:  More information

~Who were the first inhabitants of your area?
 York County was originally inhabited by the Oto and Pawnee
 Indian tribes. By 1900, all of the Indian tribes had either
 adopted European ways, or were killed, or disposed of their
 land and culture.

~Who were the first European Settlers?
 The first European settlers were most likely the French.
 Although the Spanish did explore the area first. The Spanish explorer
 Francisco Vasquez Coronado did pass through this area, but we don't
 believe that any Spanish settled here, (since they were looking for
 gold). The French had a strong hold on Nebraska until after the
 French and Indian War in 1763.

 When did they first settle the area?
We believe that the French
 started to settle this area in the late 17th century or early 18th

 ~Where did they come from before the settled in this area?
 The French had a strong influence in the Missouri river valley. We
 believe that settlers that did move to this region had to contend with
 a lot of very serious problems like water, and especially Indians.

~What famous people came out of this area?
There is really no one
 really famous to come out of this area. But Nebraska is known for a
 few important people like Willa Cather, the famous writer. Also,
 William Jennings Bryan, the important Populist leader in the late
 19th century.

~Why is the land surface of your county shaped the way it is?
 York county is a fairly flat land area. The area used to
 be called the Great Plains. There is really hasn't been
 any tectonic forces at work if that is what you mean. We are
 fairly low in sea level compared to neighboring counties, in
 the past the city of York has experienced some low level

~What kind of weather will you most likely experience in (June,
 July, August).
The weather will be very hot, and Humid. So
 make sure to bring a lot of water.
 ~What is the average daily temperature in your county in (June,
 July, August).
Usually 90 degrees (F), but most of the time
 it feels a lot hotter because of the humidity.

~What are the main subcultures of your county?
Most of York County
 contains many German immigrants and English immigrants, (hence the name
 York). We do have other subculture groups in York County, African
 Americans, Chinese, Mexican.
 ~What crime if the most common in your county?
Drug related crime,
 Vandalism, Stealing.
~What is the worst crime ever committed in your county?
 Drug related deaths.

~Who is the best teller of local stories in York county?
~Is there an internet listing of county cultural events for the summer
 of 1999.

~Is there any local or regional music your area is know for?
 ~Who is/are the best musician in your county? What instrument/music
 do they do?
N/A There is none.

~What is the best local restaurant in our county?
 Chances "R"
 ~What is the best place to camp in the county?
 Recharge lake camping grounds. Located straight west of York.
 ~What is the most common wild animal in your county?
 ~Where is the best place to buy an ice cream cone/milkshake?
 Dairy Queen. Located on the West side of the main street as your
 Driving to York. It is located on HWY. 81.

 ~The Population of York County is increasing.

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