My name is Megan Mackinnon.  I am a sophomore at Downers Grove North High School.  I enjoy playing softball for school and in the summers.  I like to sing in the school choir.  I participate in the Sophomore Singers group which is a seclect group of singers in the sophomore class.  I also am very active in my church youth group.

County Information
The Seward Community.  An overview of our community.  Location, Health Care, Education, Churches, etc.
A general overview of Seward County and the general population information.
Seward County is connected to the HPI InfoSystem which gives information on things from Media to Schools.
Labor force and commuting data in Seward County
Social characteristics and stats for Seward County
County History
Genealogy resources in Seward County, Nebraska.  US Gen Web Project.
Groundwater has been a contreversy in Seward county dealing with the underground well systems in the county.

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