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     The Sower stands atop the Nebraska state capitol sowing seeds into the wind.  His seeds are said to bring a finer and more noble living to all Nebraskans.
My name is Matt K.  I am a sophomore and I play soccer here at Downers Grove North.  My favorite professional soccer team is the Chicago Fire. I also enjoy to play many other sports including baseball and basketball.  I have five other people in my family plus a dog.

Nebraska Information

Nebraska is located in the north central United States
Capital: Lincoln
Contains 77,237 sq. miles (ranked fourteenth)
Motto:  Equality Before the Law
Nickname:  Corn husker State, Beef State, and the Tree Planter State
Flower:  Goldenrod
Song:  Beautiful Nebraska
Bordering States:  Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota

Nebraska History

The first settlements in Nebraska were French trading posts. These were French trappers trading with the Indians.  Nebraska first became a part of U.S. territory as a part of the Louisiana Purchase.  Nebraska entered the union on March 1, 1867;  as the thirty-seventh state to do so.
Nebraska is Named from an Oto Indian word meaning flat water.
To discover what Nebraska was like a long, long time ago click HERE.

Nebraska Geology

The state generally consist of  a plain that gradually slopes from east to west.  The Northern and Western part of Nebraska is very hilly.  While the southern, eastern, and central parts of the state contains well drained and fertile farmland. The west central section contains many sand hills. For a topographic map of Nebraska click HERE.

Nebraska Geography

The climate of Nebraska is a continental type with long summers and variable weather.
-average annual temperature: 49.5 degrees fahrenheit
-average amount precipitation: 22.56 inches and decrease from east to west.
-average snowfall: 29.2 inches
-drought is common, 15-20 day dry spells occur during June, July, and August.
-prevailing winds come from the northwest.
-also the amount of cloud free days = 185 days

Nebraska Sociology

Major demographics of Nebraska  The chief source of the states wealth is agricultural resources.  Nebraska is one of the leading states of the nation in the importance of grain and cattle raising.

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