My name is Clarissa and I'm a sophomore in high school. I enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, and soccer. I guess I would call myself a friendly kind of gal. Like every other girls, I love to talk. If you wanted or knew me well, I bet you I could talk your ears off. I love dancing and I especially love to shop, I am a shop-a-holic that is in love with clothes.
    I would like to give a very special thanks to the social studies teachers in Nebraska that helped me construct this web site. It's nice to know that there are still teachers out there in the world that are still willing to go a little bit farther to help a student out in another state. Without their help, I would've never been able to design this web site page. The schools that helped me were: Lincoln Southeast High and John Lux Middle School. Thanks again for your kindness, I dedicate this page to you-I hope you enjoy.
    Lancaster County has a population of around 220,000 residents, not including the city of Lincoln. The citizens of Lancaster work very hard. Most employers are the State and Federal Governments, Manufacturers(Kawasaki, Molex, Square D), State Farm, and many others. This seems to help Lincoln maintain its economic base even if one particular industry is suffering. Lincoln is also known to have a high standard of living. Their employment rate is very low as is their crime rate. They have excellent school system. It is essentially a nice place to live. Lancaster County is rising at a very steady rate. Their population is suppose to be around 320,000 by 2020.
      Steak is the most popular food in Lancaster. If you want good steak....corn fed beef, then Misty's or The Steak House is the place to find it. You can also go to Emerald and eat at Merle's ....they have huge prime rib! The best restaurant that's not a chain is Lazlo's. It is located in the Historic Haymarket District and its very reasonable. Maggie Moos or Ted and Wally's is the best place to buy ice cream or milkshakes. They both are homemade and outstanding!
    Most counties have public pools, but Lancaster has none. They have the star city shores which is a zero entry pool.
    Lancaster also has a wide variety of animals. They consist of the "normal" animals:
birds, anteaters, possums, rabbits, deer, squirrels, coyotes, and badgers. Lancaster also has wild animals too: sewer rats, bulls, wild dogs, mad cows, and coyotes(rabid).
    Citizens in Lancaster say, that there has been Ufo sightings. But, they also have a lot of mysteries that roam their town. The biggest legends are Bloody Mary, Ghosts of Lincoln-Hobbitsville-ghost at  the capitals, haunted houses, and there's also a library book called Guide to the Ghosts of Lincoln Sheridan Blvd.
    Besides, all the spooky things that people say about the county of Lancaster there are a lot of inspiring things. The Memorial Stadium (capital-"O" street) is a very popular place for tourists to visit. Sunken Gardens ("O" street), and the capital - stadium- Caterpillar are also very exciting to visit.
    There are also a lot of interesting people to talk to, these people are looked up to as intelligent, caring people: Ben Nelson, Gov. Mansion, Governor elect Johanns, and Tom Osborne.
    To conclude, Lancaster is a very interesting County and I hope you enjoy this page.
I am also going to attach some questions and the answers that the teachers responded too.

*Is there somebody in town who would let me use their internet modem to upload from when I come through town:
    -city library

*Can we get a road construction report for your county on the internet:
    -yes...websites for road construction and other misc. information.

*Where is the best place to camp in the county(must be accessible  by blacktop road)?
     -I would camp at Branched Oak Lake north and west of Lincoln. It has an easy access to Lincoln and the Interstate. However, there are a few campgrounds in Lincoln you could use.

*Is there somebody in town who would let me use their internet modem to upload from when I come through town?
     -city library

*What is the best thing about living in your county?
     -Spaghetti Works, golf course, football - safe, low crime, The View (Cornhuskers), peaceful.

*What is the worst thing about living in your county?
     -no landscape, too many churches, boring and flat, nothing to do, no hospitality, and drugs.

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