My name is Stephanie and I am a Sophomore at Downers Grove North High School, in a suburb near Chicago.  I am on the swim team, and involved with the S.A.D.D. program.

    Plymouth County is Mr. Graham's destination after his journey through the vast scenic wilderness of the U.S.  With a population of 456,820, Plymouth County is in South East Massachusetts on the seaboard.  Plymouth County's county seat is the town Plymouth.  In Plymouth, there is a nice little campground called the Pinewood Lodge Campground.  Campers can spend their time camping along a little lake.

     Formed on June 2, 1685, Plymouth County is one of the three counties that came from Plymouth Colony.  Before the Europeans settled, the Wampanoag Indians lived in the area now called Plymouth County.  On November 21, 1620, the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth.  A year later, The Fortune arrived, and three years after that, in 1624, the Anne and Little James arrived at Plymouth.

Plymouth Plantation

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