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HI my name is Daniele and I'm a senior-exchange student in DGN. I already created the county page of Red WillowCounty Nebraska  in the first semester of Mr. Graham class and my assaiment for the second semester is prepare a page that will introduce you into the state of Massachusetts.



Much of the American heritage is embodied in Massachusetts. The windswept seacoast of this small northeastern state may have been the first part of what is now the United States seen by Europeans. Norse explorers probably landed on Cape Cod more than 1,000 years ago. The Mayflower colonists who reached Plymouth in December 1620 "sounded" (in the words of Governor William Bradford) "ye harbor and found it fitt for shipping; and marched into ye land, & found diverse cornfields, & little running brooks, a place fitt for situation." These Pilgrim leaders were refugees from religious persecution that had already driven them to another alien land. The English-speaking colony they founded became the New World's hub of liberty and culture, its cradle of commerce and industry.

Geology -Geography

One of the New England states, Massachusetts is bordered on the north by New Hampshire and Vermont. New York lies to the west. On the south are Connecticut and Rhode Island. To the east is the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Cod, a peninsula in Massachusetts, thrusts into the Atlantic like a giant arm bent at the elbow. North of this arm are Massachusetts Bay and its two smaller inlets, Boston Bay and Cape Cod Bay. South of the peninsula are Nantucket Sound and Buzzards Bay. Here also are the offshore islands--the Elizabeth Islands, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket Island.

From west to east the mainland of Massachusetts extends 145 miles (233 kilometers). The peninsula of Cape Cod measures 65 miles (105 kilometers) to its curved tip. The width, north to south, of the western part of the state is 47 miles (76 kilometers). At its eastern end the width is 100 miles (161 kilometers). Massachusetts is 8,257 square miles (21,386 square kilometers) in area, including 431 square miles (1,116 square kilometers) of inland water surface.

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One of the smallest states in the nation,
Massachusetts has one of the largest state park
systems. Wherever you go,you are always near a state
park. Waterfalls, spring blossoms, log cabins,
historic estates, bike paths,mountaintop vistas,
sandy ocean beaches, lakeside camping,
swimming,hiking, picnicking, fishing, boating .
Massachusetts state parks offer all this andmore.


Government and Politics

Massachusetts designates itself a commonwealth rather than a state. It is governed under its original constitution, which was adopted in 1780. Boston became the capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1632. It has served as the capital of Massachusetts since 1780.

Capital. Boston (since 1632, when made colonial capital).
Statehood. Became 6th state to ratify the United States Constitution, on Feb. 6, 1788.
Constitution. Adopted 1780; amendment may be passed by majority vote of members elected sitting in joint session; ratified by majority voting on it in an election.
Representation in U.S. Congress. Senate--2. House of Representatives--10. Electoral votes--12.
Legislature. Senators--40; term, 2 years. Representatives--160; term, 2 years.
Executive Officers. Governor--term, 4 years; may succeed self. Other officials--lieutenant governor, secretary of the Commonwealth, attorney general; all elected; terms, 4 years.
Judiciary. Supreme Judicial Court--7 justices; term, to age 70. Appeals Court--9 judges; term, to age 70. Trial Court--320 judges; term, to age 70.
County. 14 counties; governed by board of commissioners; members elected for 4-year terms.


The greatest of the New England colonies, Massachusetts developed more rapidly than any of its neighbors. Today it has a population almost equal to the combined total of the other five New England states. Among all the states it ranks 11th in population though it is only 45th in area.
The first permanent New England settlement by Europeans was made at Plymouth in 1620. The settlers were a group of about a hundred men, women, and children called Pilgrims. Before landing, the male passengers signed the Mayflower Compact (named for their ship), which set up the first self-governing community in America.

Revolution and Rebellion

Many incidents that sparked the American Revolution occurred in Massachusetts
Freedom trail (Boston Massacre)
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