My name is Eric Allen and I am a sophomore at Downers Grove North High School in north eastern Illinois. My basketball team made it to the sweet sixteen this year after having a 3-23 record last year. When I am not playing basketball I'm either working out or doing stuff with my friends.

Our History

         Bristol County, Massachusetts, originally part of the Plymouth Colony, was incorporated in 1685 and is located in the Southeastern portion of the state. When first settled, the County  included much of the area which is now Rhode Island's east bay. In 1862 the two states were apportioned land which now forms Bristol County Massachusetts ad Bristol County, Rhode Island.

Bristol is located on the very eastern part of Massachusetts, the terrain  there is very flat.

Politics in Bristol

The many different subcultures in Bristol county that all have their own idea of what fun is.  There are many fun upcoming events such as The Feast of the Holy Spirit on May 29 and The Memorial Day parade on May 31. A lot of the local media wil be covering these events

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