Union County

Here in Union County there is three major towns off of route 34 they are Creston, Afton, and Thayer.

Creston's County History

Creston sprang into life as a railroad town, built on the "Summit" of the high prairie, where B&M officials pitched their surveying camp one night in 1868. This crest was the high point on the burlington line between the two great rivers, the Missouri and the Mississippi, hence the mane "Creston"

Having chosen Creston for it's division point, the railroad (Now the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe) brought its machine shops, roundhouse and a rip-roaring, brawling construction camp to the new town. The character of Creston soon changed and the town was incorporated in 1871. This created permanence and stability , and Creston became a good place to live, work and play.

A new railroad station was built on Adams Street at Maple in 1899, replacing the original structure on Pine Street. The huge , imposing three-story structure served passengers for 69 years. The depot was renovated in 1978 to serve as a City Municipal Building. The old machine shop building was flattened in a tornado in 1946. The remainder of the roundhouse burned down in 1981.

A Union County Court House was built in 1952 on the corner of Pine and Mills Streets. In 1903, the government built a Federal Court House at North Maple and Mills, with the post office on the first floor. A new Post Office is now located at 300 South Elm. For more History go to here.

In Union County the first inhabitants were the indians , there is no resemblance of them there any more, because the government moved them to reservations. They settled in the area between 1840's - 1850's and they settled here because of the fertile farming soil. Most of the indians came from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Europe after the Civil War. The most famous place in Union County is Mt. Pigsah because of the Temperature and settlement of the Mormons. Some very famous people came out of Union County also, such as john Wayne and Marsha WAllace. Historical Sites
The union County Historical Society operates a historical complex in the south of McKinley Park. The village is composed of 14 buildings including a general store, church, railroad caboose, and water tower, harness shop, barber shop, blacksmith shop, fire station, machine building, mill house, log cabin, house and barn. A museum is set a short distance apart, so as not to detract from the village aspect. The historical complex is open daily, seven days a week, June through labor Day weekend, from 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. Call 782-4247 for more information.

Visit the Frank Phillips Information Center located on highway 34 West. The renovated Phillips 66 Gasoline Station was built in 1931 and was one of the first operating Phillips stations in Iowa. The information center is open for individuals wanting information on Creston and Union County.

Creston's Restored Depot signifies Creston's railroad heritage. The depot, located at 116 W. Adams, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Inside and out you can see the building's rich heritage.


To find out about the Politicians . The biggest issue in union county would be illegal drugs like meth labs and hog lots. The biggest National issue is illegal drugs and the clinton issue.


The main cultures in Union county are Roman catholic. The common crime is drug use and burglary. The worst crime ever committed in Union County would be murder. The Union County fair is one of the fun things to do in Union County at the end of July.


In Union County they have the Hooker's Farm band which has a C.D. out in Union County. They say that Phil Matson (SWCC Instructor) is a good musician, He plays Piano and has taken many singers to conference. There is no local art there but there is an artist by the name of Harry Walter's who paints murals and draws pictures. To find out about local events go here.


The main economic foundation is agriculture , but since the 1980's we have had less farmers but I would say that most people work in retail stores and factories. People move in Union County because it is a small town but many also transfer here for the factory jobs. The county is shrinking because a lot of industry workers are being transferred. Union County is known for their corn , Food stores and farmers align them in town on adam's Street. The best local restaurant is the Windrow and it is located on Route 34. The best place to get a milkshake or ice cream would be Hansen's Drug Store or Dairy Queen. Their is no Hot Springs area but their is a new pool in McKinley park and at the YMCA which is located on HWY. 25. There is a few good places to camp in union county, one is 3 mile which is located on HWY. 34 on Cemetery Rd., Second is Green valley State park which is located on HWY. 25. The most common wild life is the deer. The biggest legend is the abduction or murder of perry girl. never been a U.F.O sighting in Union County before. On e of the best things about living in Union County is that you can be safe and live a happy life. One of the worst things about living in Union county are the winters. If a tourist was passing through he or she should see the Creston Restored Depot. You should talk to a tourism director for any information about the county. To get information on the climate go here.

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