Name: Jennifer
Year in school: 10
Interests: I like movies, shopping, swimming, and biking.

County Information
Mills County is located in southwest Iowa, adjacent to several metro counties. Some towns in Mills are Glenwood, which is the county seat, Hastings, Pacific Junction, and Malvern. The population is estimated at 13,202. The land area is 437 miles squared.
County History
Mills County was founded in 1851. It was named after Major Frederick Mills of Burlington. He was killed in the Battle of Cherubusco in the Mexican War.

The county has a strong growth. Most of it comes from people moving out of the metro areas to the rural ones, like Mills County. It's kind of like the "bedroom" county. A lot of people live out there, but commute to their other jobs.

Glenwood, the county seat, along with Hastings and Pacific Junction, are relatively small towns. Everyone knows everybody else and for the most part everyone gets along.
The people currently living in Mills County are primarily white and conservative. It is decently populated and rural, which makes the farmers very adapted to the area.

There's been some news about bonuses being paid by the Board of County Supervisors to a certain amount of 'favored' county employees. There have also been a few news articles about inappropriate behaviors at the State Hospital School. It's being investigated. But, this also goes into Clinton's situation, too.

Mills County is greatly influenced in the arts by Omaha. There are programs which are supported by the communities. Some of them include music, plays, and so on. During the summer, the county is visited by orchestras, singers, and magicians.

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