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My name is Chris Tertell. I am 16 years old and I am in 10th grade. For fun I run Cross Country and Track.


The first Iowans were the Mesquakie and Ioway Indians. For more information on the history of Iowa go here. They no longer live here because they were pushed off by the Europeans. They were hunters and gathers until they revolutionized and became farmers. They settled in this area because the land to the east was filling up so they moved west and settled here.
Here are some of the best know people that have come form Iowa.
-Jack Baily. Jack was the host of some TV shows like "Truth or Consequences", "Place the Face", and "Queen for a Day". Jack was born in Hampton, Iowa.
-Black Hawk. Black Hawk lived in Iowa when he was growing up.
-Johnny Carson. Johnny was born in Corning, Iowa. He was the host of the "Tonight Show".
-Urban "Red" Faber. Urban was a famous baseball player who won 254 games for the White Sox. The hall of famer was born in Cascade, Iowa.
-Herbert Hoover. Herbert Hoover was are 31st president. He was born in West Branch, Iowa.
-Alfred, Charles, John Ringling. They created the Ringling Brothers Circus. They were all born in MacGregor, Iowa.
-John Wayne. John Wayne made nearly 200 films and won an Academy Award for best actor. He was born in Winterest, Iowa
-Grant Wood. Grant Wood was an artist. He is best know for his painting American Gothic. He was born in Anamosa, Iowa.

State Information

Iowa became 29th state on December 28, 1846. Iowa is border by Illinois to the east, Wisconsin to the east, Minnesota to the north, South Dakota to the north and western parts, Nebraska to the west, and Missouri to the south. Iowa became part of the United States during the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, but was not discovered until 1846. Iowa has a population of 2,830,000. Iowa is made up of 56,290 square miles. The capital of Iowa is Des Moines. For more state information go to the state web page. Iowa has 5 representatives and 8 electoral votes. For state facts about Iowa visit this site and if you want some fun facts about Iowa visit fun facts.

Iowa's landscape is made up of rolling hills on the western half of the state and the eastern half of the state is flat because of the glaciers. Iowa's highest point is in Osceola County where it is 1,670 feet high which is right by the Minnesota border. Iowa has warm summers and cold winters. For the weather in Iowa right now go here.

Iowa has 99 counties. For information try this site counties. If you have any questions on where a city in Iowa is located visit this site. If you want to find a list of the schools in Iowa that have web sites try visiting this site. For a list of the county names, county seats, and origins of any of Iowa's 99 counties go here.

In Iowa 93% of the land is devoted to agriculture. Iowa produces 7% of the entire nations food. Iowa's best crop is its corn (one of Iowa's nicknames is the Corn State). Iowa also produces soybean and grain (both are big crops). Iowa is also known for its production of beef and pork.
Iowa is one of the most lively states in the country. They're are a million different things to do in Iowa. There is one of the most famous bike races takes place in Iowa. It is called Ragbrai. It will be ridden in 1999 on July 25-31. Its route has not yet been announced. The new route wont be announced until the 28th of February. You can also visit the seven villages of the Amana Colonies, the Crystal Lake Cave, Maquoketa Caves State Park, or the Spook Cave. The Effigy Mounds is one of the two National Parks in Iowa. You can also visit one of Iowa's state parks. Iowa has 10 different state historical sites. You can also go to the Iowa state Fair. The next state fair will be held on August 12th-22nd 1999. Also for entertainment you can go to a Sidney Iowa Rodeo. The next rodeo will be held from July 29 through August 1, in the year 1999. Iowa is also home of the world's largest bull and world's largest bullhead (catfish).
Iowa's biggest political figure is Governor Terry E. Branstad. If you are a tourist in Iowa and you are wondering where to go and what to do visit this site. For a listing of all the major newspapers in Iowa go here. Are you curious about Iowa? Do you want to see pictures of Iowa? Well then go there.

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