What is up everybody !!? Hello my is Allain. ("Al" for short). I'm a sophomore at Downers Grove North Highschool.
Wish I could say I like going to school but I don't. It's a pretty good school though. All right lets get to business. This is totally dedicated to Henry county , from Iowa. This contains almost all that you could possibly know ,or want to know about this county.

This also contains cities on the route of Mr. Graham's trip. Specifically on or near route 34.

New London - A very quaint town in Henry county.
Mt. Pleasant - One of the largest city in Iowa

Now I also found a school link that has helped a great deal on my report.
New London Higschool - This contact was all thanks to Mr. Chris Kolker.
Thank You Very Much !!
It is important for Mr. G to sleep during his trip so I found a link to local INNS on his route. This could be usefull to anyone who wants to visit Henry county in the near future.
Henry county is a very social place. I found numerous links to recreations, sights ,and maps.

Attractions /Map
Sights to see
Activities in Mt. Pleasant
Museum listings.

These are quetions that I asked my contact at New London directly.( Mr. Chtris Kolker)

The reason that Henry county has its land formation now is, the glaciers from Canada deposited soil at this land. This was a common accurrance.

County history
The first inhabitants of this land was Ioway , Sauk,and the Fox indians.
They are not currently living there. They all have relocated to unknown reservations.
Abraham Dover was the first European settler on this area. They first settled in 1834 in New London.Their reason for settling was the rich soil.

Famous people
James Van Allen- Mt. Pleasant
Chritie Ahamn - New London
Christie Ahamn is an olympic swimmer.

Caucasion, African Americans ,and Asians are the most common race.
The most common crime is theft and drug use.
The biggest crime that accured was a murder.( details are not available to me)

The main economic foundations are factories.( I don't know the specific)
The best regional food is pork chops. ( opinions may vary)
The best restaurant in the area is THE IRIS. I'll try to find a link for it soon.
The best ice cream shop in the area is SHORT STOP. " "
The most common domestic animal is the dog. The most common wild
and the most dangerous animal is the rattle snake. SO you better watch
out Mr. Graham .
There have been no UFO sightings so far.
The main attractions in this area are old treasures. ( No specifics)
The most interesting peolpe in this area ( according to Mr. Kolker) is Mr.
Jack Wilson and Mr. Larry Vickroy. I'm told that they are both good

Now for medical assistance this is a place I found.

There is much more to be improved in this sight. PLEASE give me information if you know. Thanks again to New London Highschool.
Happy Trip Mr. "G"

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