There are three major towns in the county of Des Moines. They are Danville, Middletown, and Burlington. You can view the county's webpage here. Iowa also has a huge, neat webpage with lots of information.

Des Moines County's Information

Des Moines County's population is up around 42,000. To view the county's wonderful, interesting webpage click Des Moines County.

Des Moines County's History

The first inhabitants of Des Moines were the Sac and Fox tribes. They are not living in this area anymore because they were removed after the Black Hawk Treaty of 1832. They were sent to Oklahoma.
You can view an exact briefing of the county's history. It contains information on the Indians and when the county was first established.
The first European settlers were the French.
The most famous people that came out of Des Moines County were: William Frawley (played in I Love Lucy), Luella Parsons(gossip columnist) and Ed Stone (NASA).


The average weather in Des Moines has a typical 4 season forecast. The temperatures don't reach the extreme.


Rivers and glaciers shaped the land of Des Moines County.


The main subcultures of the county are African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and a very small Jewish community.
The most common crime in Des Moines County is burglary.
The worst crime ever committed in Des Moines County is murder. No famous crimes have been committed in Des Moines County.
There is a website that contains cultural events for the summer of 1999. (concerts, fairs, ect.)
The two best story tellers in Des Moines County are Lloyd Maffitt(former Hawkeye reporter) and Bob Hanson.


There isn't any local or regional music Des Moines is known for.
The best artist in the county is Jim Spring. His specialty is painting wildlife.


Iowa does not have a job that most people do. The jobs are spread out. But, there is a lot of farming in Des Moines.
The population in Des Moines is shrinking. People are moving out of the area for some reason.
The regional food Des Moines is known for is Sterzing's potato chips.
The best place you can these chips are at any local store.
The three best local restaurants in Des Moines are Big Muddy's, Jefferson Street Cafe, and Martini's.
The best ice cream/milkshake in Des Moines is at Baskin Robbins.
There is not a natural hot springs in Des Moines but, they have a swimming pool.
If needed, you can get a road construction report if try the Iowa Site.
The best place to camp in Des Moines County is at Geode State Park.
You can use an internet modem at Des Moines County Extension Office.
The most common wild animal in Des Moines County is the squirrel.
The most dangerous animal is the rattlesnake.
There has been a UFO siting in Des Moines County.
The biggest mystery or legend in Des Moines were the ghosts of Des Moines County, Iowa.
The best thing about living in Des Moines County is that it borders the Mississippi River and it is very quiet.
The worst thing about living in Des Moines County is that it is very quiet.
The best thing for a tourist to see in one visit would be Snake Alley, Mississippi River, Malchow Mounds, and Crapo Park.

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