My name is Matthew Blondell and I go to Downers Grove North High School.  I am 16 years old, and a sophomore.  I am involved in athletics all year round.  This year I was on the football and track team.  I also enjoy sports like soccer and any others that provide a great workout.   I have lived in Woodridge, Illinois all of my life.  Woodridge is a suburb outside of Chicago.  Being so close to Chicago has it's advantages.  There is a lot to do when you actually have the time.  So many malls (like Woodfield), movie theatres (like AMC Theatres), and athletic events (like the Bulls, Cubs, or Fire).  Well now that I have told you some things about myself, and where I am from, it's time to get started with some information about Pulaski County in Indiana.

Pulaski County, Indiana

General County Information

    Here is some general information on Pulaski County.  If you want more information you can visit their website at http://www.indico.net/counties/PULASKI.  You can also visit the U.S. Census.

    Pulaski County is a small county located in the northwestern part of Indiana.  It has a population of 13,257.  The County Seat is located in Winamac, which is the largest city in the county.  Road maps for the county can be found at Yahoo! Maps.


    Pulaski County's weather in the summer is usually humid and mild.  The average temperature in June is 70.0 degrees, in July it is 73.6 degrees, and in August 71.4 degrees.  Rain is very important for the county since there are many farms.  Enough rain is not a problem most of the time.
    Pulaski County can be compared to the state of Nebraska in most areas.  It is one of the flattest areas in the state of Indiana.  Driving and biking through the county is pretty easy.  The county has very little or no change in elevation.  The very eastern part has a slight increase in elevation.  The entire county is in the middle of a valley of hills.  It is quite hilly north and south of the county.

    Pulaski County is probably a really good place to find a lot of corn and other food.  The county is  88% farm land with over 630 farms.  Because of the flat fertile land, the county's land is great for agriculture.


    The fertile land that the county of Pulaski lays on was shaped millions of years ago by glaciers.  After the glaciers moved through, there was a period called "drainage" which helped flatten the land causing erosion.


    Pulaski County is faced with very few political issues.  The major one would have to be the Crisis in Kosovo.  People all over the world are worried about this issue.  They believe that the U.S. Government isn't telling them everything.


    Pulaski County is predominately a white culture.  Most work on the farms of the county.