Hello, my name is Wajiha Akhtar,I'm a senior at Downers North High School.I come from Pakistan,Karachi.This is my second year here & I love it! My interest are in traveling.I've been to Jordan,Sieera Leon, U.K,Sri-Lanka,Qattar & this is my third time here in the U.S.! Any way's ,I'm doing a report on Indiana,Newton County.It's nice to learn about history of the U.S. but sometimes can be hard too.
   This is the map of Newton County & it's general information from the website.The population of this county is approximately about 14,734 +14694.

                       COUNTY HISTORY:
The first inhabitants of Newton County were the Potawatomi Indians.The Sioux, Iroquios & Kickapoos did some visits. Here is more information about Newton County's History.  Present -day Newton County is not the first county by the name in the state.In 1853, the legislature organized a Newton County out of a territory bounded on the west by Illinois,the Kankakee river to the north,on the east  by Starke County ,& on the south by a line lying north of Washington & Iroquios township.
                      COUNTY GEOGRAPHY:
The weather most likely to get during the summer would be warm & it would diffenetly be sunny.To know more about the weather about Indiana,Newton County just click on this word:WEATHER.

                      COUNTY GEOLOGY:
This website is pretty good. It gives a good imformation on geology the whole of Indiana,Newton County.

                      COUNTY POLITICS:
I found this webpage from yahoo, & gives  full imformation & provides a variety of politics of this county.

                      COUNTY SOCIOLGY:
 I didn't have much to write on this part of the section but the websites help alot!! To find more about this county's sociology just click on the high lighted word.
                         COUNTY ART:
You can find many interesting subjects on art from this county,to find out more click on the highlighted word,Art.