The name Jasper was chosen to honor a hero of the Revolution, a young sergeant stationed at Fort Moultrie.  On June 28, 1776, while the fort was under attack by the British, the flag was shot down.  Jasper faced the storm of the battle, rescued the flag and nailed it to the broken staff.


  Hello, my name is Ellyn.  I am a sophomore at Downers Grove North.  I play basketball and soccer.  My favorite soccer player is Mia Hamm.  I am a pretty average student.  Outside of school I enjoy hanging out with my friends and rollerblading.  I also like to swim and enjoy being in the sun.  I've always lived in Downers Grove, but me and my family travel a lot.  I am the middle of three children, and the only girl.
    I am researching Jasper County, Indiana.  My history teacher, Mr. Graham is taking a bicycle trip across the country and will be passing through this county.  Mr. Graham and his students are making a website for this trip.  This is what I learned about Jasper County and what I have to contribute to our website.

    I would like to thank Lynn Daugherty, the director of Jasper County Library.  She helped me answer most of the questions I needed in a short amount of time, and was also very nice about it.  Her email address is: LDaugherty@jasperco.lib.in.us


County website address: www.jasperco.lib.in.us

County's square mileage: 7Foo,oooo,oooo

Population: 29,500 (estimated)

County Seat: Rensselear

Is a county road map or other map available on the internet: Yes, but it only shows main roads- www.mwprairienet.lib.in.us/counties.html

Can we get a road construction report for your county on the internet: no.

Where is the best place to camp in the county: Lake County Jellystone Park Camp Resort, 11780 W. State Road 10, DeMotte, 46310
(If you go across the Kniman Road to the east, and continue on that road after it becomes State Hwy 10, you will come to the camp just after crossing interstate 65).

Who were the first inhabitants of the area (before European settlement): Miami, Ute, Potowatomi Indians and the first to set foot in Jasper were LaSalle and his men.

Are they still living in the area: Most went on the Trail of Tears.  A few who had their own land were able to stay.  If they are here, I do not know it.

If not, what happened to them: above

Who were the first European settlers: Nationality is not indicated.  Names include Randle, Culp, Yeoman, Donahue, Nowels.  The first three names are still here.  Came mainly from the east.  Some Ohio.

When did they first settle the area: 1832

Why did they settle there at that place:They had captured the fort that was there- Fort Moultrie.

Where did they come from before they settled here:Canada.

What famous people (for whatever reason) came out of this area: Civil War General Milroy.  Tom Harmon, football player and sports announcer.  George Ade, author and humorist.  Edison Marshall, the author of many historical novels.  Elbert Antrium, managing editor of the Chicago Tribune.  Charles A. Halleck, who served in the House of Representatives  from 1934 until 1968.  James Hanley, a musician, wrote "Back Home Again in Indiana," and Frederick "Rick" Kupke, a more recent hero, one of the 52 hostages held by the Iranian government.

What famous people are buried here: Don't know of any.


What kind of weather are we most likely to experience in the summer: Heat and humidity.

The average daily temperature over the summer:84 degrees.

What elevation change from west to east:not much.

Main economic foundation for county: Agriculture- but a good number of people work in the counties to the north.

What main reason for living there: Its a quieter lifestyle.  Schools are good.  Libraries are good.  Taxes are much lower than in Illinois (where some work) or in the counties to the north.  Communities are safer.  Church life is important.

Is the county growing or shrinking: Why: The north end of the county is a bedroom community for the second largest metropolitan area in the state which includes the cities of Gary, Valparaiso, Hammond, etc. etc.  The county is the 7th fastest growing (percentage wise) in the state.

Is there a regional food your area is known for:no.

Is there a natural hot springs in the area:There's a swimming pool at the campground I mentioned.

Most common wild animal: squirrels, deer, and raccoon.

Most dangerous animal in your county: a stray dog.


Why is the land surface of your county shaped the way it is: Glaciers caused the wide diversity of soil and mineral deposits.


What is the biggest local political issue in your county:Abortion.

What is the biggest state political issue people in your county care about right now: Mainly taxes.

What is the biggest national political issue people in your county care about right now: The war in Kosovo.


What are the main subcultures that currently live in your county: In the DeMotte area definitely the Dutch.  The area has a number of Dutch reformed churches.  Otherwise, the county is basically white people of various Christian faiths.

What crime is the most common: Traffic tickets.

What is the worst crime ever committed in your county:any murder is terrible.

Is there an internet listing of county cultural events for the summer of 1999: St. Joe's College is having a joint concert by their festival chorus.  There is a survey of American art pottery July 17-August 22, called Pottery as Art.  Check the local links on our website for more.

What is the best thing about living in your county:Being able to live in the county, low traffic.

What is the worst thing: I can't think of any.

If a tourist passing through your county could only see one thing, what would it be: The courthouse in Rensselaer.  It was refurbished a couple years ago and restored to its original paint and gilt trim, omamentation, lighting fixtures, etc. (while still keeping the modern accommodations we need).

Who would be the most interesting person  in your county to talk with and how can he/she be reached: We can put you in touch with anyone- if we know what you are looking for.


Is there any local or regional music your county is known for: no.

Who is/are the best musician(s) in your county:
What instrument/music do they do:

Is there any local or regional art your area is known for: Pottery.

Who is/are the best artist(s) in your county:Doris Myers, is certainly a well known one in the area.
What is her medium: Painting and pottery.


What is the best local (not a chain) restaurant in your county: In Rensselaer: The City Office and Pub, across from the courthouse.  In DeMotte: Marti's Landing, at the end of 700 N. on the Kankakee River.

Where is the best ice cream/milkshake in your county:Busy Bee Freeze in Rensselaer.

Has there ever been a UFO sighting in your county:Not that I know of.