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    First  and foremost, I would like to thank Judy W., Jeff K, two researchers of Blackford County, who helped me locate most of the information you see below. If you would like to contact them, they can be reached at or

General  Information:
The official Blackford County web site contains various other links to Blackford Areas of interest.  To view the current population of Blackford County along with other Indiana counties, click here.  Since the 1970's, the population in Blackford County has steadily decreased.  The percent of decrease ranges from as a little as .06%, to  as much as 9.7% .  Blackford county is 165 square miles, with little elevation change.  Here is a great map of Blackford county.  The county  seat of Blackford is located in Hartford City, the most populated city in the County.  The best place to camp in the county is Wild Wood Acres Campground.  The address is 520 W. 300 N. Hartford City, Indiana, 47348 The phone number is (765) 348-2100.

The History:
   The first inhabitants of the county were the Delaware and the Miami Indians until the treaty of St. Mary's in 1818.  The First white settlers of the county was the Benjamin Reasoner party in 1831.  Settlers were attracted to this county because of it is located near rivers, is relatively flat for farming, had very good hunting and many trees for building cabins.  The county was settled by Germans, Irish, English, Scots and miscellaneous nationalities   Blackford County was named in Honor of Isacc Blackford.  Blackford served as a judge of the US court of claims,  was a member of the Indiana State house of Representatives and the Chief Justice of the Indiana state supreme court all before his death in 1859.  Blackford is most widely known for its Courthouse. This courthouse is three stories high, with a 165 feet tall clock tower and copper plated roof.  This was completed in 1894 with a cost exceeding $129,000.  This courthouse was modeled after a similar courthouse in Albany, New York.  In addition, there is a cruise ship named after the county.  It is called the "uss Blackford."   The county seat located in Hartford City.  Hartford City was originally called "Hartford," possibly after an affordable part of Lick Creek on Jacob Hart's farm.  The "City"  appendage was later added to distinguish the  city from the Hartford located in Southeastern Indiana.  Upon the discovery of Natural gas, Hartford City began to grow, and became more than a small rural farm community.

   The Geography and Geology:
    Blackford county is 165 square miles, and the county lies in both Indiana And Ohio.  The Elevation of the county starts at 850 feet and gets up to 950 feet at certain places.  Blackford county has mostly flat land, but there is a steady increase toward Big Lick Creek.  The county also contains many Sweet gum, ash and Northern Red Oak trees.  Here are the average temperature and wind speeds  for Blackford County.  Here is some more Geology of BC . In the county, the majority of the people use farming to provide for their family.  70% of the yearly cash income is made from farming.    The most common animal found in out county is the deer.  The hunting season ranges from Late october to Early January.  The most dangerous animal in the county is a coyote. Blackford county is known for its sweet corn, home cooking and fried meat.  There was never a hot springs, but the closest thing to that is a cranberry bogs.

    The biggest political issue in the county today is the fights over taxes and bonds for school improvements.  The biggest state political issue in the county is the the supposed increase in agricultural taxes.  The biggest national political issue is the current crisis in Kosovo.

    Blackford is predominately middle class, White, Protestant and Catholic.  There are two African American families and a few Chinese families, The best thing about living in Blackford county is the closely knit community.  The worst thing is that there is no privacy, and the lack of entertainment on weekends.  The most common crime in Blackford county non-violent crimes, including burglary, theft-larceny and motor vehicle theft.  There are many cultural events in Blackford.  Some of these festivals are the Glass Days Festival (June), Bluegrass festival (July) and the Indian Pow-Wow (June).  If a tourist were passing through the county and could only see one thing, it would be the Blackford County courthouse or the Chief Goudry Statue.  It is one of two places in the National Register of Historic Places.

    Christian Singer Ray Blotz is from Blackford County.  The best artist of the county is Walter Welsh, and his medium is artwork.

    The biggest legend is that just south of the county, at Elizabethtown Cemetery, it is said that you can see a man hanging over the road from a large tree on a dark, foggy night.  It is a very scary place to be at night.  The best local restaurant in the county is The Scotch Mist.  There have been many UFO citing, but they are suspected to be planes entering the nearby Grissom Air Base in Peru, Indiana

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