I want to start off by telling you that I Jason L. am a part of the Downers Grove North High School Swimming & Diving team. I personally think that this is one of the greatest sports because you don't really half to worry about how the rest of your team is because they are scoring you individually as a person, not a team. Now, the purpose of this site. I was assigned to do a research Project for my U.S. history teacher. Mr. Graham is going to ride his bike across the U.S.A. on route 34. Rout 34 Passes through Monmouth Illinois in Warren county as you can see by the map below. In this site you will find out all about Warren county, including history and interesting facts like where to get the best milk shake in town.

I want to personally think you for visiting my site and I encourage you to browse all my classmates cites as well.
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