Kankakee County

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Bradley-Bourbannais High School
Kankakee County, Illinois Genealogy
Cyber Guide of Kankakee

County Information
The Population of Kankakee County increased 5.92%from 1990-1996. The county is 678 sq. miles.
In 1993, Kankakee County had a total of 1,676 births and 1,029 deaths, according to the general profile of the county.
Many jobs are available in Kankakee County. In 1996, there was only 236 elementary school teachers , according to the business patterns.

County History
The first inhibitants of Kankakee County were French Missionaries and the
Potawatomi Indians

Weather for the County
Kankakee , IL
Bradley, IL
Bourbonnais, IL
Aroma Park, IL
Papineau, IL
Beaverville, IL

The citizens of Kanakee fight hard to have clean streets. The KPD Citizen Police Academy help to make Kankakee a better place to live. You too can visit the Kankakee City Police.

To find out information about local, state, and federal political information, you can visit the Kankakee County Government page. There you can also find out more history, more about the schools, and more about the county media.

You can get in contact with TCI 49 WLRT-FM Country music station.
You can also visit the "information station" WKAN AM 1320.For the religious side of you, feel free to lislten to Christian station WONU FM 89.7..."Today's Christian Radio"
For the artist in you, you can visit the Kankakee County Historical Society Art Museum.

For the finest in Kankakee County dining, lodging, area events, or dating you can visit the Cyber Guide of Kankakee.

Do you want to know the average salary in a household in the City of Kankakee? How about the number of fire and police stations available to the community?
Or how about the population of the schools? Well, if you are thinking of moving to the City of Kankakee, you might consider checking out the Kankakee Area Statistics.

Did you know there was a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Bradley, Illinois?
Did you know that in downtown Kankakee there is an antique mall?
Well, with access to Kankakee's Points of Interest, you, too would know where to go to visit these historical and interesting sites.

What can I do in Kankakee County???
~Well, for the golfer in you, you can enjoy up to 10 courses for all levels within a half hour drive of Kankakee.
~Do you enjoy relaxing on a nice small boat, just you, a cooler, and your fishing pole? Well then drive on over to the Kankakee River. With over $300,000 won in derbys, who could resist?
~Check out just how well your "Quality of Life" can be in Kankakee County, Illinois.

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