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County Information:
Henry County Is located in the western side of IL, about 165 miles west of Chicago. The square mileage is about a 200 mile radios. The population of Henry County is 51,800. (Last taken in 1996)

In Henry County the average weather climate in the summer is 70.9 degrees F. The average snowfall is 30.6", the average rain fall 37.2". The winter climate is averaged at 26.7 degrees F. A great place to visit during the long summers.


County History:
The Eastern Prostates were among the first to inhabit the area that is today know as Henry County. The Protestant religion is still in the area. Among other religions that are in the Henry County are: Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Church of Christ, Congregational, Assembles of God, Presbyterian, Holiness, Episcopal, Latter Day Saint.


Look in "County History", for the main religions in Henry County.

Henry County is best known for being "The Hog Capital of the World." Every year the day before Labor Day, this huge festival begins. There is a big carnival, lots and lots of "Pork Chops."

The main economic foundation of Henry County is non agriculture wage and salary. There are four public swimming pools including a YMCA, seven campgrounds, museums, and a historical societies and many other interesting places to visit while you are in Henry County.

A special thanks to:
Mr. Larry Lock a History teacher at Kewanee High School in Kewanee, IL.

Mayor David E. Thomson of Galva , IL, for his kindness and thoughtfulness.

If you have any comments, questions, or are able to send more information about Henry County please feel free to e-mail me at:Girlbbtaz@yahoo.com

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