Hi, my name is Dave Guel and I am a sophomore at Downers Grove North High School.I mostly enjoy snowboarding and skateboarding. When there is nothing to do I just hang out with my friends and party.

Henderson County Illinois is located in the western part of Illinois, click maps if you would like to take a look at some maps . Henderson County is a beautiful county, but it is mostly farmland. If you are a  laid back type of person and you want to drive 20 miles to the nearest grocery store then you would like this county.The Mississippi River goes right through the border of Henderson, since Henderson county is the first county going into the state.Henderson would be an excellent place to plan your next fishing trip, Since the Mississippiriver is so close.People catch enormous fish in the Mississippi.If you want to see a couple of huge fish ,caught out of the Mississippi Click Here.Doesn"t he look happy?

The history of Henderson County is incredible! Biggsville, a township in Henderson, was laid out by a  Samuel and andrew Douglass October 3 ,1855, named in honor of John Biggs. John Biggs, who was born in manchester, England in 1802 ,is buried only 5 miles away north from the township.     Mr. Biggs purchased the grain mills near what is now Biggsvillein 1843.

There are many historical sites to see in my county, such as the civil war monument park,if you want to see more, click here. at this website you can check out all of the historical sites in all of the county. Not only that the site gives you directions along with it.
 For more adult enjoyment there are many bars, if you would like to take a look at some bars click here .

I hoped you liked learning about such a alienated county.Come Back Soon.

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