Du Page County

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My Name is Paul. I am a student at Downers Grove North High School. In my spare time, I like to run track and read. My main hobby is to build model airplanes. My favorite animal is the tiger because of its fierceness. Well enough about me, let's get on with some information.
My History teacher is riding his bike across America from Los Angelas, California to Boston, Massachusets. Along the way he is passing through a couple hundred counties including DuPage. DuPage wouldn't be what it is today without the greates city in the world, Chicago.
Chicago gets its money because it's bordering Lake Michigan. DuPage county was one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S.

County Info.


The tempurature for DuPage varies because of the lake effect. That is when the tempurature of the water is warmer than the air outside and it mixes the tempurature. In the summer, it does the same thing. The Lake is cooler than the air outside so that also has an effect. But in the winter time, the average high is 33 degrees and the average low is 17 degrees. In the spring, the average high is 58 and the average low is 37 degrees. In the summer, the average high is 81 and the average low is 59 degrees. In the fall, the average high is 63 and the average low is 41 degrees. Our teacher will be riding his bike in the summer time so I don't think that he will need a coat.


The county is made up of many hill and ridges. There are also long uphill slopes. Erratics also helped make this county have ists land features. Erratics are rocks that either fall from the glaciers or that are pushed off a wall of rocks from when a glacier hit the wall. If you want some more geology, go here.

DuPage was one of the fastest growing counties out of Illinois, next to Cook County which was home to the great Chicago. It was formed on February 9, 1839. The County was named after a French trader named DuPazhe. The oldest town in DuPage is Naperville.





DuPage is getting overcrowded by the minute. That reason is because there is easy access to Chicago, and also to public schools. That is the worst thing about living in DuPage, but getting local resources makes living easier which is what the people want. Parks are everywhere in DuPage. Though most of them are being torn down because of all parents who say that their kids are getting splinters from the wood. Now a days, most parks are made of plastic that gets hotter inside when you start to play a lot. There are so many restaurants to go and eat in the county. The range from Mexican to Greek restaurants. My favorite restaurant is the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant located in Lisle. They serve the best Chinese food in the state! I totaly recommend this restaurant to anyone. More are also available. The best place for a good time in the summer is in the city of Naperville. Every summer the people have a rib fest. People flood from places out of state from places like Michigan and Wisconsin. The people also enjoy to go on the river walk. I personally don't know what it is but I heard that it's a great place to be and the first thing to see if your in the county.