Welcome to Yuma county in eastern Colorado. This page is being brought to you by Rich Z. a sophomore at Downers Grove North High School. Currently I am on the swim team at our school. Between school and swimming I do not have much time for anything else. I did this internet page at school because I do not have an internet connection at home. That means I do not have any favorite pages. Now, enjoy all that is Yuma County

County Information:

There is no web page for Yuma County in the Colorado state main page, but the US Genweb page is great for finding information.  In here you can find maps of the county, and maps of the evolution of the counties in Colorado.  The county of Yuma is 60 miles up and down, and 40 miles from side to side.  The population has gone down to 8,954.  The cities along Route 34 are the heavest populated.  Yuma city is the biggest with a population of 2,719.  Next is the city of Wray with a population of 1998.  Then there is the town of Eckley with a population of 211.  Presently the county seat is in Wray.


Yuma County is the start of a long trip up the east side (front range) of the Rocky Mountains. This means anyone passing through the county on a bike going from west to east will have an easy time pedaling. In the city of Yuma the elevation is 4132'. Then when you get to Eckey the elevation has dropped 238' to leave you at 2894'. Next you will be in Wray and a little lower at 3516', and finally in Laird at 3400'. This gives you a total elevation drop of 732'.


Yuma County is at the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains. This means the land was formed by the same forces that made the Rocky Mountains. It also has the best farming location in all of Colorado because of the rain.


The first people to settle here from the eastern border of America were passing through to get to places like California.  Much later the first crowd to come to Yuma were Nebraska farmers who thought the weather would change and make crops better in eastern Colorado.  These farmers were called sod busters. For a better acount of Yumas past see the Short History part of the US Genweb page.


One old topic that is still brought up is the moving of the county seat from Yuma city to Wray.  The Wray people were so sure that they already packed files up and prepared to move them the night of the election.




This county is known for corn.  It is the biggest producer of corn in all of Colorado.  Recently the population has been going down.  There is white tail deer hunting and fishing in the area.

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