Mariposa County

Welcome to our website, which contains information on counties from California to Massachusetts. As you search through this page you will find information about the county of Mariposa, which is located in California. My name is Jason, I'm 16 years old and am a U.S. history student at Downers Grove, Illinois. I like to skateboard and I am on the high schools varsity hockey team. Also, I enjoy playing paintball and I liked to snowboard, too. I have a younger sister named Nicole , and an older sister named Jessica. My dads name is Keith and my moms is Debbie. Well, enough about me lets learn about Mariposa.

In this page I will try to run links to which I think will best answer any questions you have about Mariposa. The county of Mariposa is located in central California. The towns in Mariposa are: Hornitos, Mount Bullion, Mariposa, Midpines, and El Portal Mariposa has less than 16,000 citizens and there is usually sunny weather for most of the year. Mariposa is known as the "Mother of California Counties". Also the word Mariposa comes from the Spanish word meaning "butterfly". Mariposa County was formed in the year 1850. Its County Seat is Mariposa and if you would like to contact someone who lives in Mariposa, e-mail Carolyn Feroben, she is a very nice lady. The original county comprised one fifth of the state of California. One of Mr. Grahams goals on the trip is not to eat at a chain restaurant. So, thanks to Mrs. Feroben a citizen in Mariposa she told me of a fast food, restaurant called the Happy Burger, where Mr. Graham can eat. Well, thanks for visiting my web page, why don't you go check out some of the other counties.

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