Alameda County
County Information
    Alameda County is the largest suburban area of San Francisco.  Alameda is mostly the area of the former Alameda Naval Base.  Today, Alameda County is Silicon Island, the town of Alameda Point, and some area of Oakland (the county seat is located here). Alameda also boast about being the "brighter side of the bay." Alemada may be a smaller county in California but still has a population of 1,328,139 with an area of that is .1% of the total area in California.
County History
    Alameda County was created on June 6, 1853 from the population explosion from the Gold Rush of '49.  Alameda was formed from San Francisco's over flowing population.  Alameda became famed as the largest naval base in California.  After the base was closed the area stayed populous as the majority of San Francisco's residents leave here.  Much of Alameda's history is centered around the Alameda Naval Base (today the area is Alameda Point).

    Alameda County is located next to San Francisco and also neighbors the bay.  The leaves much of Alameda as a pleasant place to live because of mild weather year round and the areas rolling hills from the Sierra Nevada's.

   The geology of Alameda County is extremely simple; it is the San Andreas Fault and the matter that has been produced over a million years of volcanic activity.

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    Alameda has the basic set up for the politics of the county (typical for most of America's Counties)
Keith Carson - Board Supervisors President
Thomas Orloff - District Attorney
Pat O'Connell - County Clerk & Controller
August Scornaienchi - School Superintendent
Charles Plummer - Sheriff
John Scott - Assessor

     The social structure of the county is a typical make-up of what a growing suburbia would be.  That is with residents being educated and upper middle class, as well as being more open and liberal then national average.  (Alameda County is the DuPage County of California)

    This site is interest because it is about the art commission for Alameda County.  The commission is designed to help with the fine arts and any functions that are centered around the arts.  It also gives a listing of events that will be up coming.

    Well this catagory is suppose to be about something unique that I found about my county and I think that this could be one of those things.  This is a website  that for the Alameda County Fairgrounds, everything and anything about the 87th year of this location.


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